Nintendo – Directly to E3

By Wesley Y.

As people near and far await the Electronic Entertainment Expo, otherwise know as E3, Nintendo of America suddenly announces a “mini-Direct”, Nintendo of Japan also announces a Direct, and there’s still a ton of Nintendo news to cover in terms of their E3 showcasing. Nintendo Directs are semi-frequent videos released by Nintendo to announce some news, cover releases, and go in depth about upcoming releases. The Japanese May 31st direct and the English Jun 1st were announced one after another and covered a lot of the same topics, but gave some new information about some projects that had gone unmentioned up until then. With so much news and speculation in the air, it’s a little hard to keep track and separate fact from guesswork. I’m here to run down what’s been announced, confirmed, what’s left to talk about.

Starting with Japan’s Direct, everyone’s introduced to a new face in Nintendo’s company, known simply as “Morimoto-san”, he has taken over the Direct this time in place of the CEO of Nintendo, Satoru Iwata. It highlighted the brand new Chibi-Robo game focusing on action-platforming; it was paired with a dual release of a Chibi-Robo Amiibo that would be boxed with the game. It showed off the recently announced “Super Pokémon Mystery Dungeon”, showed of some big details of Fire Emblem If, and finally talked about the secretive Project Treasure, which had not been mentioned since January. A big segment of the Direct was to talk about Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer. Seeming to be a fairly large release, it even comes with its’ own boxed release. This covers the surface of all the announcements, though it was mainly a bunch of Japanese releases since it wasn’t the English Direct.

Over at Nintendo of America, the English Direct featured a lot of the same elements like Project Treasure and Chibi-Robo, but there was also a lot stuff that wasn’t covered in the Japanese Direct. It announced the a brand new update for Splatoon featuring news weapons and maps, a sequel in the Dr. Mario series called Dr. Mario: Miracle Cure and a Western release of Bravely Second: End Layer, sequel to the highly esteemed Bravely Default. One of the big future releases was the announcement was the next in the line of Mario & Sonic Olympic Games Series, announcing the version to take place in Rio 2016. The American Direct wrapped up nicely with some added info on their recent releases of Puzzles & Dragons Z + Puzzles & Dragons Super Mario Bros. Edition.

And just days before the event, Nintendo announced the release date of some of their highly anticipated DLC for Super Smash Bros. for Wii U & 3DS, specifically the addition of previous fighter Lucas. On June 14th, Lucas will be priced at $3.99 if you only want one version of him and $4.99 if you buy both together. It will also be release date of the Splatoon Inkling Wig and Outfit, both also being purchasable for DLC. This will all be bundled with a free software update for the Wii U version to integrate the Miiverse Stage that had been announced previously before the game’s launch.

Now it all comes down to what’s left for E3 and what’s planned for their showing there. Like last year, Nintendo will stream their Digital Event on June 16 as well as a live stream running throughout the three days of E3, June 16-18. They have also announced

the chance to try out Mario Maker at select Best Buys on the June 17th & 20th before the full version is released later this year. This is also on top of their revival of the Nintendo World Championships that will be streaming earlier in the week on June 14th. The Nintendo World Championships was a tournament that fans of Nintendo could join and compete against each other, it was held in 1990 and was revived this year for its’ 25 year anniversary.

There hasn’t been any specific indication of what Nintendo will be showcasing this year at E3 other than Mario Maker and the Championships. However, it has speculated that Nintendo will be showing off their secretive Star Fox and Legend of Zelda projects as well as a new Metroid game. There has also been buzz of a new game coming from Retro Studios and Next Level Games, companies who work frequently with Nintendo. To top it off, people are still expecting more DLC for the extremely popular Mario Kart 8, Super Smash Bros. for Wii U & 3DS games. There has been some supposed “leaked” information about Roy from Fire Emblem and Ryu from the popular Street Fighter series also joining the roster, as well as Wolf from Star Fox also returning. Keep in mind, this is all still just speculation, just some of the ideas being thrown around by people trying to guess what will be talked about during E3.

This first half of June has been a busy time for Nintendo. On top of all the news announced during both their American and Japanese Directs, there is still much left for E3 coming very soon. This article just scratches the surface of all the news coming from Nintendo. There will be much more to look out for in the coming days. Personally I’ll be looking forward to all the interesting things to look out for in the coming future. It isn’t just Nintendo, all gaming companies will be announcing and showing off a lot of their stuff during this time, Sony and Microsoft have their own agendas that we can also look forward to seeing. Each bit of it will just as exciting as the last, at least that’s what I’m hoping. My body is ready for E3.


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