Movie Reviews: Bindiana Jones

By Wesley Y.

This week was the release of the highly anticipated film, Bindiana Jones and the Naiders of the Lost Mark. It was directed by the brilliant Michael N. Shambay and starred the famed actor Chaten J. as Sunint Bindra as Bindiana Jones. A spinoff of the largely successful book series known simply as Bindiana Jones and it does not disappoint in theatres.

Displaying Naider of the Lost Mark.png

This main plot followed as a sort of action-adventure. It tells the tale of Professor Bindiana Jones working towards a career, travelling around world collecting precious artifacts for studying. While travelling abroad, he discovers an odd parchment revealing a hidden idol with tremendous power. With the help of his friends Salad and Mercution Ravenwood, he arrives to a mysterious temple. Bindiana crosses a slew of trials and tribulations to find the great treasure, the Lost Mark of Bowenuus. Like the Bindiana Jones books, the journey forces him through puzzles, tragedies and challenges he must overcome to arrive to a vital decision.

Since we are newly introduced to so many new characters, the story unfolds fantastically and does not halt completely for a new character. The main plot and character building mixed rather well and were very balanced during the film. It made most of the characters important and weren’t just hollow shells to just run around on a set for two hours. There was a particular scene that truly showed that perfect balance. It presented the protagonist at a bustling market; it built up to a vital point that introduced an important part of the story while making all the characters important and vital to the plot moving forward. It also boosts in quality with the beautiful scenery that felt natural and unique, without feeling unrealistic or disjointed.

The plot thickens about halfway through, showing a rather darker tone in the story. It felt somewhat off-putting to begin with, but the director found a way to make that unease go away and make that fairly odd moment go away. Bindiana Jones suffers a bit from this from time to time during the film but it usually recovers somewhat quickly from those lower points. This sort of dynamic going from enticing plot and returning to a calm was very interesting and it made for some fairly good plot.
To summarize, Bindiana Jones and Naiders of The Lost Mark is a brilliant tale about adventures and discovery. It was a great introduction of a character for new viewers and refreshing for reader of the book without changing too much. It was fast-paced in its action sequence, and slower when back to neutral when need be. It’s a fantastic balance of story, action, character, and surprises that hasn’t been seen in a movie for some time. I’d highly recommend anyone to watch this movie


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