Memories That Will Last Forever

By Chaten J

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Many people say that the past is something that is better left untouched, however I consider the past to be a playground of thoughts and memories. Some memories may be sad; sad enough to stir up that depressing feeling in your gut. In your times of sadness I recommend you look to your memories of bliss and pride instead, memories that you have made here, between the walls of Westmount.

The stories that we have all collected here, at Westmount will live forever in our minds and in our hearts but out of all the time we have spent at Westmount, out of all the unique or just downright stupid idea’s that we’ve had here, Some will be with us forever. And these are the stories I wish to tell you, the stories that you can hold on to when your memories of Westmount are slipping.

Olek P: “when I started my second year at Westmount and I realized that I was kinda understood and that I felt normal here.”

Paul M: “Art class here in 9th grade, in particular I loved the slouthe, Brandon drew it”

Juliana L: “it has to be the trips that we took from Westmount: in particular my thoughts drift to the West coast trip that we had taken part in, in 7th grade. In particular the food was delicious, also I really liked being part of a team and the people that attended that trip” (she came back after about 10min and said) “I really liked the language arts program”

Ana D. “I think that I liked the west coast trip. Actually it’s basically any trip that we took on one of those big greyhound busses. “

Felicia M. “I really enjoyed band, just playing music it was really fun, it weas great to get my mind off of the things that were stressing me out with music.”

Cameron B: “Ms. McCartney’s L.A class, lots of things happened in that class and not a lot of it was work, Chris tied a piece of chicken to a piece of yarn, and he chicken was really old and moldy, so then he waved it around like a flail and ended up flailing it at Ekaksh and screamed WE’VE GOT A MEAT HIT”

Paul D: “its tough because… ught his is hard. I’ve had so many great memories here. Probably grade seven when we were with Mr. Byron because he was so chill and you can really do anything that you want as long as you get your work done. The teachers here are just really really cool.”

Michael P: “The time we put the communist flag on the roof of the school and started singing the Soviet National anthem ”

Wesley Y: “West coast, it was a lot of fun, it was like a week where we just hung out and played card games.”

Bridget W: “oh boy, The OE trips, 2015 mosquito creek Outdoor Ed trip”

Panth S: “Outdoor Ed trips, especially in grade 8, being with Mr. Manning was a blast, I do not even remember what happened on that trip, its just one big blur to me. All that I know is that that trip was the funnest but then again who knows”

Jack B: “dude… can I put 100, The Outdoor Ed trip this year was super fun, Basket ball team this year was sick, just in general I loved being part of the sports program at Westmount.” “Grd.8 was so hype”

Alan Y: “Every moment with Chaten….” (—____—-) “ When my pal victor got stuck in a trash can, actually I love the people that stay after school and the memories that I’ve had with them”

Leo C: “the first dance that we had in 6th grade, because everyone was so hyped for it”

Amrit G; “getting bullied everyday…..”

Eric F: “when me and Leo chilled in the teachers lounge, literally everything that happened at elementary, the old days with the bois”

Andrew L: “the time that nicky and Zain spilled the noodles, ha, essentially Zain and nickey were boiling noodles, then when they went to go drain it, the strainer was in the lid of the pot to save space, so you had to turn the pot all over, so Zain turns the pot upside down to drain the noodles then they all fall out, then he’s like aww dang it, but they had extra so they could still start boiling  new noodles, then nickey starts coming towards the table where they were cooking and nicky said, dont worry ive got you boys, then all of a sudden he puts the second bag of noodles on the table then second bag of noodles fall off the table and everyone collapses and starts laughing.”

Eric F #2: “my best memory is all of the random crap the Chaten would put in our locker, ha the noodle incident, poker with the bois after school when we bet for Aarons dads cookies”

Aaron w: “Soccer was great, loved the days when we would do miniature drafts to play a classic 10 on 10 game… and how Hansi was always picked last because he would miss every shot he took, regardless of where he shot it. I’m not joking, he was awful.”

Through all the years that we have spent here at Westmount, only one thing will remain after we have all gone, and that will be the lifelong friendships that we have established here. The purpose of this article is to help remind you that you will always have a home here at Westmount.


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