Great Affordable Calgary Restraunts

By Cameron B

There are tons of restaurants scattered around Calgary. With summer break approaching swiftly, what better way to spend the summer than eating delicious food? Sure there are many fancy, and expensive restaurants, but this article is here to inspect some more affordable, yet still delicious food locations.

  • Five Guys Burgers and Fries

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Five Guys Burgers and Fries is a “burger shack” with three locations across Calgary, and several locations across North America. You can order a burger and completely customize the toppings. There are a total of over 250,000 different combinations.  From the ketchup to jalapenos, you can make your burger the way you want. Another shining point for Five Guys is the value. The burgers are very affordable, and for the price, quite delicious. Along with the affordability of the burgers, when you order fries, you get lots of fries. Not only does Five Guys fill up a cup with fries (size depends on what you order), but they also dump some more fries in bag. The only major downside to this restaurant is that exceptionally large amounts of peanuts are used. Five Guys deep fry their fries in peanut oil, and have boxes of peanuts for customers to eat while waiting for their meal. In terms of atmosphere, the restaurant has a diner kind of feel to it. The burgers are cooked in the same room where you eat, so while you wait, you can smell your burger being made. Overall, Five Guys is what you think of when you think about burgers.

  • Costa Vida Fresh Mexican Grill

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Costa Vida Fresh Mexican Grill is a Mexican fast service restaurant with three locations across Calgary. Costa Vida has a policy that all their ingredients are fresh, and everything is made in store. You can order everything from burritos to enchiladas to tacos, and you can select the kind of meat that will accompany your meal. You can select all the various toppings that you want, such as enchilada sauce, the type of beans you want, along with salad, and other various toppings (depending on what you order). The meals are reasonably priced with most dishes being under $10, only if you don’t get toppings that you have to pay extra for (varies on the meal). The food is very delicious, as it is of course on this list.  When it comes to atmosphere, it feels like a fairly standard restaurant chain, with a hint of Mexican in the furnishings. On the TVs, you can sometimes see how your food is being made, which is a cool addition. The food is also cooked in the same room as where you dine, so you can smell the various meats, beans, and other fresh toppings being cooked, and/or being prepared. One issue however, is that the hot sauces aren’t all too hot. All in all, Costa Vida is a great place to satisfy your cravings for Mexican food.

  • Big T’s BBQ and Smokehouse

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Big T’s BBQ and Smokehouse is a Southwestern American (Texas & neighboring States) style bbq and smokehouse with three locations across Calgary. Big T’s is a must visit for meat lovers. From sandwiches to poutine, and pulled pork to beef brisket, Big T’s has a large variety of meats, from more common meats such as beef brisket and grilled chicken, to more exotic food such as spicy catfish and deep fried pickles. Big T’s isn’t a fast food restaurant, but service is fairly fast due to the meat having to be smoked for at least a few hours. Arguably, the major downfall of this restaurant is that most of the food is upwards of $10, but the effort and quality behind the food is evident. The atmosphere definitely is one of a Southwestern American bbq. From the music to the decor, the restaurant feels like it is somewhere in Texas. Big T’s, in the end is a great place to eat if you are willing to pay more money, but the quality is evident within the food.

These restaurants are great locations to go eat at during the summer, or even just whenever. If you have upwards of $5, then you can enjoy delicious food around Calgary.
Note: There are many other great restaurants across Calgary, I just listed the ones that I personally like.


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