FIFA 15 by EA SPORTS – Losing profit?

By Eric F.

FIFA 15, once a striving game for all players, has recently taken a dive. The most popular game mode in FIFA 15: Ultimate Team has taken a fresh, or maybe not so fresh at all, new turn. Many players bet coins on games and whatnot as part of the fun. So the way they would transfer the money to the other player if they lost, was by setting a price that they bet on, on a player they would sell (much higher than its worth) and the other player would buy it off of them for that price. In turn, the one player would get the money they were owed.

This was likely the most fun feature in the game, especially for Youtubers. There are thousands upon thousands of “Wager videos” in which people play games for certain amounts of money. The most recent change to FIFA 15 Ultimate Team was that EA decided to skew these features and implement something called a “price cap.” This now renders players unable to set prices higher than EA thinks they should be. This means that if you wager for 5 million coins, you will no longer be able to sell an unworthy player for 5 million. You would only be able to sell a player who is actually worth 5 million, which completely and utterly defeats the purpose of the coin transfer.

The people who have taken the biggest impact from these changes, are the Youtubers. These people have poured thousands of their earned dollars into this game and in order to make a profit back, they have to do these competitions in order to earn coins, which can allow them to keep producing new content for their channel.

In a way, EA has screwed themselves over because of this update since the main way the game earns profit, is from the in game currency available for purchase. Youtubers buy a lot of these, and when there are no Youtubers, who is buying the points? Hardly anyone. Many Youtubers have refused to play FIFA until the price cap problem is fixed. Until then, FIFA 15 is remaining eerily quiet which has reduced the once exceptional – 5 star rating down to more of a 3-4 star.


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