DIY Gummies

By Ashley Y.

This is a fun weekend project to do for anyone. Everyone will love the taste of the finished product, and you can mold the gummies into anything you desire. This recipe is very simple, but children under 12 or children who have never had experience in the kitchen should have adult supervision.

Step 1: Gather the ingredients. Get ice moulds, a pot, a stirrer, a measuring cup, a tall glass, a spoon, corn syrup, gelatin packets, and water.

2: Measure out 150 ML of cold water.

3: Add 75 ML of corn syrup to the cold water.

4: Mix until the liquid is clear and pour into pot.

5: Mix the jello and 50 grams of gelatin into the sugary mixture. Mix everything well before turning the heat on.

6: Turn the heat onto medium-low

7: Heat until it boils and make sure you stir about every 30 seconds.

8: Pour the liquid into a heat resistant glass. Be very cautious when doing this, so you don’t get burned. Leave the liquid on the counter for ten minutes and using a spoon take off the foam from the top.

Displaying 11356207_395955177279325_313544503_n.jpg

9: Transfer the liquid into the ice moulds. Also, be careful when doing so.

Displaying 11421530_395955233945986_1029928756_n.jpg

10: The gummies can be put in the fridge overnight and the next morning they should pop out of the moulds easily.

Overall, the project went well and the gummies look gourgeous and they taste just as good.


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