Calgary’s Annual Folk Music Festival

Thursday, July 23 to Sunday, July 26 2015

By Victoria L.

“Folk music goes down to the original roots of music. You can really appreciate the rawness of it.” Rebekah C. says.

The musicians of the world are preparing for the thirty-fifth Folk Music Festival (CFMF) . It annually invites seventy folk musicians from different countries of the world. Last year there was a daily audience of 13 00  people. Bursting with excitement,  Prince Island Park is always full on this special occasion. The festival is very interactive, having a family area, international craft market, global culinary delights, record tent, and a beer garden.


The Folk Festival has won many different awards for their eco-friendliness. They encourage biking to and from the festival, recycling everything you can, using compostable dishware that’s provided, and making the festival disposable-water bottle free. The CFMF started a seedling project where they provide enough sapling to offset the carbon emissions created by the festival. Throughout the years, it has be very successful. Another program made by the CFMF is the ‘Festival Plate Program’, where you return a reusable plates it will be washed and served on again.

The festival has a relaxed atmosphere where any age group will feel comfortable. It was dubbed by the Globe and Mail ‘one of the seven musical wonders of the world’. New artist everywhere are given a chance to perform and debut. The festival holds an annual Boot Camp, Song Competition, as well as music and art special events. The ‘song mash up’ is an unpredictable but fun event where different artist collaborate in songs and life stories, creating  fantastic memories.

The Calgary Folk Music Festival is a must-see for all the music and art lovers in Calgary. It’s an essential, community gathering for over 53 000 Calgarians each year. The CFMF has a vision of enhancing the community with the celebration of music and cultural traditions. Their mission is to engage different audiences from multiple age groups and to live through music, with a unique approach.

The festival will be held on the fourth weekend of July (July 23-26). Tickets can be bought online, in person, or by phone. The cost ranges from about twenty dollars (for one day) to one hundred thirty dollars (for all four days and events). Children under twelve years old can attend for free.


For more information about the Calgary Folk Music Festival, visit their website:


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