Are Phone Calls a Thing of the Past? Apparently Not.

By Olek P.

Nearly everybody now has a smartphone or some sort of mobile device. A decade ago, it was quite common to see people with flip phones and other devices yakking away to their friends or family. But now, in 2015, it seems as though verbal communication through technology has gone by the wayside. Rather, the familiar sight of talking on phones has been replaced with the click click click of the on-screen keyboard of touchscreen devices. Have phone calls themselves have gone the way of the pager?

When surveyed, it was found that nearly 60% of grade nine students continue to use their devices for calling and talking. One student remarked that she “only [uses her] phone for calling and Facebook”, contrary to the author’s initial assumptions that texting has replaced phone calls. Another student commented that he uses his phone for calling more frequently than anything else, and only texts roughly once a week. This may be due to the fact that, as the author finds occasionally, it’s easier to simply talk as compared to hammering away on the small screens of smartphones to get your point across.

Communication through the use of cellular devices to talk is indeed still used widely. Statistics show that 42% of American teens have a cell phone for the sole purpose of texting, though the remainder use a combination of phoning and texting quite often. Though each method has its advantages and disadvantages, and it may seem like texting has taken over the world of device to device communication, the majority of people still continue to talk to each other over the phone.


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