ISS Laser Cannon

By Eric F.

NASA is currently researching a laser cannon that will have the capability to shoot down space debris. Estimated to nearly 3000 tons of space debris is orbiting earth. This debris consists of rocket bodies, satellites, and much more rubble due to collisions. This cannon will likely be mounted at the ISS. There is a desperate need for this cannon at the moment.  Impact from pieces that are only the size of screws can still cause devastating damage on satellites, since these pieces travel at speeds of around 36,000 km/h. This problem is only getting bigger, as more rockets and satellites are currently being sent into space. If the ISS makes contact with any sort of debris bigger than approximately 1 cm, it could be the end of it. Since the ISS is very substantial to our research, we cannot let that happen to it. This cannon will help a lot in this case, by removing most of the debris one by one, in the form of disintegration.


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