Top 10 Convenience Store Foods

By Leo C.

A trip to the convenience store is always called for. Whether it’s to kill time or get something to eat for the road, we all visit them more than we like to admit. Of course, this is no easy task. When you have access to such a large catalog of cheap food, what do you buy? Well,

Displaying Fanta.png

  1. Fanta

Nothing wrong with a bit of Fanta, but put simply, there are a lot better options. In the end Fanta tends to taste just like any fruit juice and many drinks around the same price range are better tasting as well.

Displaying Jerky.png

  1. Beef Jerky

Beef jerky at first does look like a good deal and is cut from mostly quality meat. Moreover, it tastes great. But the thing is, it is insanely expensive. To get less than a handful of strips will take around five dollars out your wallet, which is big numbers for a convenience store. These high prices mean that you would be better off buying something cheaper. Beef jerky may be delicious but it isn’t something you can just pick up whenever you hit the corner store because of it’s price.

Displaying KitKat.png

  1. Kit-Kats

These taste amazing and anyone who’s had a Kit-Kat knows that the wafer and chocolate work together fantastically, both texture and flavour wise. However, chocolate bars in general are rather overpriced and this one is no exception. You’re paying around three dollars just to have around a dozen bites.

Displaying Untitled.png

  1. Ten cent candies

No matter how strapped of cash you may be whenever you hit your local corner store you can sure at the very least you’ll be able to walk away with some of these. They don’t taste the best but you get what you pay for.

Displaying Airhead.png

  1. Airheads

To describe Airheads to a person that has never had them before, they’re sort of like little fruity pieces of soft rubber. But, they still taste decent and the rubbery texture serves to at least make sure you chew long enough so you taste it for longer.

Displaying Energy.png

  1. Energy Drinks

When it comes to fake flavours, you have to admit energy drinks take the cake. In an effort to cover up the numerous chemicals and questionable ingredients in their drinks energy drink companies have become masters of artificial flavour and colouring and the result is top quality sugary goodness, although your internal organs may disagree.

Displaying Skittles.png

  1. Skittles

Skittles are just about the highest quality candy you can get and lasts you quite a while. Not only that, but they are made from real fruit juice, which while still unhealthy still puts it above most candies. You can taste the difference as well, skittles taste much more richer than your average candy.

Displaying Doritos.png

  1. Dorito Chips

Dorito Chips are perhaps the closest you’ll get to proper food in convenience stores. And unlike pretty much everything else in this list, it doesn’t have to rely solely on sugar to stimulate flavour and come in a pretty wide variety as well. However, it gets the #3 spot because they tend to not last very long compared to their price and in the end most of the flavours end up tasting extremely similar.

Displaying Slurpee.png

  1. Slurpee’s

Slurpee’s, the cheaper, watered down version of all your favourite flavoured drinks. Although they tend to taste terrible after you’ve drank all the syrup, they’re great for when you just want to grab a drink as they tend to be cheaper than similar sized drinks. Another advantage the Slurpee has is that you get to mess around with different flavours and drinks you normally wouldn’t, giving some unique flavours.

Displaying Water.png

  1. Bottled Water

Hey, want to know what the only food in a convenience store that isn’t packed to the rim with crappy artificial flavours and sugar? That’s right, water. Laugh all you may right now but while you’re snacking on that generic sugar filled candy you could have been providing your body with actual hydration.


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