The Culture of WCS

By Felicia M.

“In a few words, what do you think the culture of WCS is?”

This question provided me with some interesting responses from students and staff alike. Overall, the two most recurring ideas, voiced in varying ways with different amounts of swear words, are that Westmount Charter school has a culture of very strange and very accepting students.  Following are some student responses, and below those are staff responses to the question. There are also some general observations made about the school and its students.


Student Responses-

  • Unique sense of community
  • Respectful
  • Different
  • Weird
  • Never actually use the word gifted other than in irony
  • People don’t care about what other people think of them
  • Acceptance
  • “Gifted”
  • Unique
  • Westmount can be used as a verb to describe being really weird
  • Open minded
  • Kind of idiots
  • It’s diverse and the fact that it has no definite culture is our culture
  • We’re all different and the fact that we have different ways of doing things is our culture
  • Crazy
  • Spirited
  • GeekSquad
  • Individualism
  • Overthinking



  • You have it pretty easy. There are plenty of students in the school who in normal schools could be in the office on a very regular basis.
  • “Is this for marks?”
  • “Is this on Edmodo?”
  • “I totally finished that, but I forgot it at home.”
  • “Wait we had a test?”
  • Freedom, and you’re way more normal than you think you are


Dr. Frank especially had some nice things to say about the student culture here at Westmount, and it was quite synonymous with the students’ views:

  • Quirky, when I came here I fell in love really fast with the kids, and one girl asked me, “You know why you love it so much here Mrs. Frank? Cause we’re so quirky”
  • A culture that respects kids’ similarities and differences
  • Accepting


From many Westmount students and teachers, our culture is clear. We don’t have a definite culture. We have a mix of funny, philosophical, creative, logical, intelligent, kind, and accepting students all across from grade 5 to grade 12. We’re a lot of things, but everyone has agreed that the most prominent are welcoming and unique.

So it’s unanimous, Westmount is an accepting and all around strange community. Surely all of the students here fit into one of the many niches within their grades, and the Westmount community as a whole. After all, you have to qualify as a tiny bit insane in order to get into Westmount, and what would be considered strange anywhere else is pretty standard here. Just today I saw grade twelves riding a small red wagon down the ramp by the Learning Commons, and there’s glitter in the parking lot by the back door. We’re weird, but we enjoy ourselves here at Westmount, and we all stick out so much that we fit right in.


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