Boy is this Place Cool!

By Paul M.

This place is the bomb, endless trampolines everywhere. With activities from foam pits to basketball nets you can, have loads of fun here.

Each part of the indoor trampoline place was cool in each way, but what I liked the most was the dodge ball arena. This was my personal favorite, with small rubber ball getting thrown around in a roughly fifty-foot by thirty foot pit. aside from the trampolines on the ground, there are also trampolines on the walls angled at forty-five degrees. These can either make for some sick dodges, or even sicker trick shots. If there is no staff member running a game, things can be pretty interesting and fun. A staff member does calm down the situation but only lets twenty people (ten on each side) play at a time, so try to get in there while you can.

The foam pits are fun but a bit tedious. Of course jumping into the foam is exhilarating, but waiting in lines where people may cut in front isn’t as awesome. Since the front desk gives you special gripped sock (which made very little difference) that get eaten up by the foam. If this hungry beast does manage to have a meal out of you socks, bring four dollars because nothing is free here.

Before you even get in there is a downside, don’t discount I went on a rainy day on a long weekend, but I did have to stand in line for two hours. It’s all worth it in the end though don’t worry. Once you do finally get up to the till, you will need to pay twenty dollars for the time you spend there. Which is two hours. Now I don’t mind the price but I do mind that there isn’t a water fountain. I recommend bringing your own water bottle and the vending machine drinks are all $2.50.

The basket ball area is fun but can get as repetitive as the foam pit. The ally of one trampoline has one basket ball net that you can dunk on, well you should only di=unk on it. If you are with a group of four or five friends and you do manage to get one of the four courts to yourself, be prepared to have a blast.

Of course last but not least is the giant trampoline area. This place is like the dodge ball arena but three times as big, and no balls. It is so fun to run at the wall trampolines and fly off them, maybe even start a game of tag. Just try not to hit anybody there.

Overall this place is worth the wait, I guarantee that you will find an area that you will fall in love with. Just bring some water. you can make reservations online, which I recommend very much to skip the line, and for gosh sakes have some fun.

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