Restaurant Owners “Hop” To Start Composting

By Rebekah C.

Canada’s first urban composting facility, Hop, was established by Kevin Davies. Hop is a program for restauranHipster guy in modern looking roomts wanting to help Calgary’s future. The program partners with restaurant owners to help in composting their extra waste. Hop takes food waste such as bones or meat to make the waste compost. The organic-certified compost can be used in gardens that provide the produce for these businesses. Calgarians can also purchase this fresh compost for their own gardening.

Davies program, Hop, hopes to convert two million pounds of extra waste from the landfill.  This could save 64, 000 feet of landfill space and 10 million pounds of greenhouse gas emissions. The Naaco truck is planning to be Canada’s first no-waste food truck by joining Hop. Hop’s GMO free compost will help grow 38 per cent more crops, so the restaurants can get their produce faster.
Hop’s technology only takes 10 days to convert the food into compost, instead of the usual five months. The facility gets their Cleantech equipment from New Zealand. The compost is churned and cooked, insuring that the process is completed quicker. “I think it’s a great idea for business owners to get involved in composting” says Vicky Ly. Within the next seven years, Hop plans to branch out to Edmonton, Vancouver, Toronto, Ottawa and Montreal, as well as into American cities like Seattle, San Francisco, Portland, Denver and Austin.


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