Is Minecraft Dead?

By Olek P.

Minecraft, the quintessential sandbox game that everyone has played (or at least heard of), is nearing twenty million purchases on PC alone (as of May 2015). Minecraft has been wildly successful, with an average of eight thousand people purchasing the game daily. From just PC sales, Minecraft pulls in nearly $200,000 USD daily. Though as of late, as far as grade nine students at Westmount Charter go, it seems as if what used to be everyone’s favorite open world game has decreased in popularity.

When twenty grade nine students were surveyed, a whopping 85% of former players have ceased to play  on a regular basis, or quite simply, lost interest. It is important to note that while many ninth graders do not play the game anymore, several remarked that their younger siblings or relatives were “obsessed”. This goes to show that the age range for Minecraft players remains in the age range of seven to twelve, and that those at the top end of the range lose interest as they themselves age as well. Several former players recalled that they spent countless Saturdays playing non-stop with their friends before finding other games that amused them just as much as Minecraft did. Minecraft is nowhere near dead, though to most high school students at Westmount Charter it may seem that way.

Minecraft was created by Markus Persson in 2009, with the intention of making an “experience where each individual component felt fun” ( That is very true of the general gameplay, and depending on the mode that the game is played in, the player can create whatever they wish, from a fortress made of diamond blocks to a small hut made out of wood planks. The possibilities are indeed endless, especially with the creation of countless multiplayer servers. Anyone with an account can play with anybody, anywhere. With new updates every couple of months, there doesn’t appear to be an end in sight for this popular game.

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One thought on “Is Minecraft Dead?

  1. I personally love your posts but I think that Minecraft is not dead &, yes, younger people play it, but look at, I don’t know, say Stampy, DanTDM & the vast range of Minecraft Youtubers


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