Extinction of Driving?

By Cameron B.

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It appears that with each generation, driving seems to be a low priority in people’s minds. Various polls show that driving will be and is less common in younger generations. In order to see if this is the case for Westmount students, a survey was conducted in the Journalism 9 class.

Here are the results:

All participants of the survey said that they planned on driving while teens, but only 41% of participants said that they currently have a Learner’s License, and every participant was eligible to get their license.

Although all the survey participants say that they plan on getting licenses, this doesn’t mean that they will get their own cars, or drive frequently. When asking the participants about getting a car, most of them said that getting a car would be way too expensive. Among the expenses for cars are: fuel, the car itself, insurance, and repairs. This is all to expensive for any teen, and more than a summer job would be required to finance a car. To top it off, teens also get increased insurance rates, due to a lack of experience driving.

This issue also seems to be the case all over North America. Not only does cost play a massive factor, but laziness seems to be another cause to this issue. Why would teens want to get a car if fellow teens, and parents can drive you everywhere? This seems to be the question lots of teens are asking. Getting a driver’s licence also takes effort, getting driving lessons requires working, and lastly, driving requires focus. In a generation of increasingly lazy people, why would teens, let alone anyone get a driver’s license? Another concern shared by teens is that if they get a vehicle, then they will be tasked with tons of errands.  Teens don’t need to go drive to socialize with friends anymore. There is no need to drive out to see friends, when you can socialize with them on the Internet.

Along with laziness, and cost, a reason behind the decreasing amount of drivers is environmental conscience. Let’s face it, cars aren’t the most eco-friendly invention around. This can be one of the deciding factors for teens not to drive, and use a more eco-friendly transportation method.

Lastly, most teens are nervous about driving, and potentially making a mistake. The risk of being charged money for damages, or getting a fine is a risk that some teens would rather not make. Along with the risk of getting charged, the risk of injury is also there.

Due to the amount of effort, risks, environmental factors, and the harsh costs of driving are some of many reasons why driving is slowly dying.


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