Chocolate Dream or Sugary Nightmare?

By Victoria L.

Chocolate, a loved and hated dessert. Is it really good for both the heart and brain? Or is it just another overpriced candy box that’s been forced into your life, be it Valentine’s, Christmas, Easter, and so on. Like everything else, chocolate has its pros and  cons.

“Chocolate is creamy, sweet, and perfect. There is nothing that cannot fixed by chocolate.” says Jacqueline L. Researchers state that chocolate can help both your emotional health and mental health. Chocolate is packed with antioxidants, which can help our immune systems and assist in counteracting harmful chemicals in our body. If you enjoy dark chocolate, you’re getting twice as many polyphenols found in a cup of green tea. Mentally, chocolate can lift your spirits and raise your mood. It holds many chemicals that trigger the brain. For example, it contains euphoria and theobromine which is a chemical in the brain that “peps” you up. Chocolate also holds a small amount of caffeine, which is good for all the tea and coffee lovers. It helps with keeping you alert, taking away fatigue, and improving fat metabolism. It’s a unique food, designed to melt at body temperature. Also it create a smooth and creamy sensation, which is why researchers thing it’s so addicting.

“Chocolate is sugar, and saturated fats, all packed into a expensive dessert,” states Rick L.. It’s something that has been forced onto the norm of society. Valentines day or Easter bunnies just aren’t the same without chocolate. Some think it is taking away the true meaning of these holidays. Giving chocolate as a gift is very common, and buying a treat for yourself may be a day to day thing. However, the price really adds up later, as researcher say that people may be spending about an average of three dollars a day on chocolate alone. Mood swings seem to also be affected by the amount of chocolate you eat. Chocolate contains lots of sugar, which may influence your endorphin levels (a hormone relating to the nervous system). That being said, chocolate has a lot of calories, bringing on further medical issues. With the amount of sugar, it also deteriorates the enamel on your teeth. Chocolate is also a common “comfort food”, which pushes it into the frame of stress eating. It’s addictive, it’s not overly healthy, and to top it off, it’s also expensive. Can it really be considered a good thing?

Chocolate is something we have to take with some moderation. It’s a easy food to eat too much of. Some advice is to eat it with something else, such as fresh fruits. Eating chocolate isn’t a bad thing, but too much makes it unhealthy.Too much of a good thing is bad, while on the other hand, not enough of it isn’t right either.


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