A New Era of Glasses

By Joseph H.

Dr. Garth Webb holds a bionic lens he developed on the tip of his finger. He says inserting it would be a painless procedure, identical to cataract surgery, that would take about eight minutes. A patient's sight would be immediately corrected.

Those of you who wear corrective eyewear understand the pains of using contact lenses and glasses, or the fear of undergoing surgery. However, Dr. Garth Webb, an optometrist in BC, recently invented the “Ocumetics Bionic Lens”. These lenses supposedly have the ability to correct all levels of bad eyesight, and allow the user to see at 20/20 vision, without any visual aids, even at ages of 100 and greater.

Dr. Garth Webb states that the Ocumetics Bionic Lens will completely revolutionize the world of corrective eyewear, and reduce glasses and contact lens to a dim memory. This lens will be implanted into the patient’s eyes in an eight-minute surgery, a surprisingly short time for the simple lens to completely correct one’s vision. Dr. Webb also states that people with implanted lens would never contract cataracts, the most common cause of blindness (where the eye’s natural lens clouds up), because the eye’s natural lens would be replaced with the bionic lens in this procedure. He also claims that the painless procedure is identical to cataract surgery (a procedure to cure cataracts by replacing the natural lens with an artificial lens), and that the patient’s vision would be immediately corrected.

Despite these advantages, there are two main conditions that must be fulfilled in order to undergo this surgery: the patient must rely on corrective lenses, and must be over the age of 25. These conditions are due to the fact that the only thing that the surgery corrects is vision, and one must be over the age of 25, when their eyes are fully developed, because as one grows, their eyesight can change drastically. Even with these conditions, the vision improvement that this bionic lens can grant will drastically increased vision than the average person.

20/20 vision means that someone can read letters at 20 feet away, while an average person can read the same letters at 20 feet away. Dr. Webb claims that his new lens can triple this ratio – that is to say, that one can get 20/6.6 vision (the ability to see something. In addition to this, the Europe-based news website, “Dailymail”, claims that in theory, Dr. Webb’s bionic lens can grant 20/0 vision – the ability to see objects from 20 feet away, that average humans can only see when it is right in front of their eyes.

This lenses has been tested on animals and blind humans, and Dr. Webb claims that it has no harmful effects and will not change the structure of the eye, as the lens is made out of ‘inert biocompatible polymeric materials that do not cause biophysical changes within the eye. However, Dr. Webb has not released the specifics on his new revolutionary eyewear, other than the basic operational procedure: the lens is rolled up into a syringe with saline solution, which is injected into the patient’s eye, and within 10 seconds, the lens will unfold itself, and the patient’s vision will be corrected.

In an interview, Dr. Webb stated that the reason he spent 10 years and almost $3 million dollars on researching this lens is because it had been his dream to correct one’s eyes completely. He says he was “burdened with glasses in Grade 2”, and because of this, he wanted to get rid of them. Finally, he has fulfilled his dream, and in the interview, he stated that in approximately two years, this lens will become available to the public.


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