How did the Wildrose do it?

By Paul M.

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How can a party as strange as the Wildrose become the opposition to the NDP party this past election (May; 5, 2015)? To me, the leader Brian Jean is a very insincere guy. Not just because he is a lawyer, but because of the shameless self advertising he does. During the Leaders’ Debate on Global News, Brian only said two thing the whole time: that he will not raise your taxes and will erase mandatory school fees.

The biggest thing that gets to me is how Brian Jean expects to make all these tax cuts for Alberta. This is only the simple way to ruin Alberta’s economy. With the downfall in the economy and oil, I see a reason to raise taxes as they are just needed to stabilize the economy. It’s funny to see how the debate went for the Wildrose. Brian Jean basically got through the debate by saying that he will not raise your taxes and will eliminate school fees. Why raise taxes when you can go deeper into debt?

The Wildrose Partys plans for education is to erase mandatory school fees, yet build more schools and hire more teachers for the expected 15,000 or so kids joining the school system later this year. How do they expect to pay for all this without the tax money that they could have had with the PC party’s tax raises? I also thought that parents had a choice what school their child goes to. I guess that what it takes to improve Alberta’s education system.

I’m not a fan of the Wildrose but I will say one good thing about them, that is, their plan for the legal system. Some highlights are that sexual predators and others can change their name, a simple but good thing to have. Also adding five checkstops for people driving over the legal limit of 0.08 BAC (Blood Alcohol Content). Another on of their goals is tostop child abuse in all forms. If you want to read more, see this part of their platform.

The environment has a smaller section than taxes, strange for a political party with a name such as the Wildrose, which sounds like a bee protection agency. They indicate more regulations to keep our air cleaner For water, the the Wildrose basically want to get better at not polluting it, we already have one of the best water treatments in Canada. The last is clean land, to make oil production on private land better and safer. Another land policy is to  preserve land that people want preserved Cool you preserve Banff like a boss.

The best part about the Wildrose is the shameless self advertising. In a conference posted on May 4, 2015 on the the Calgary Herald website, Brian Jean said these words, “The only way to stop an NDP majority is to elect as many Wildrose MLAs as possible”. Now, I don’t see the difference between a Wildrose MLA stopping an NDP majority compared to a PC or Liberal MLA being elected.

I may not like the Wildrose party, but with a few (and by a few I mean a lot of) tweaks to their beliefs and a not so annoying, tedious, and dishonest leader. I could tolerate them.


A fun little link:

The Conference on May 4th



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