What Movies are About

By Chaten J.

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Movies are everything I love and I absolutely love seeing top 5 lists and discussing movies with others, maybe this list will help you understand and think about movies a little bit more the next time you go see one.

Top five movie lists are always entertaining, since they never grow old. Every time someone attempts this kind of list they create their very own rendition and use their own descriptive vocabulary and ideas, which keeps these lists fresh. These lists also show appreciation towards the actors and directors, as it really is their emotions and skill in directing that keep the movie afloat and end up making movies great. Typically the director’s work is really critiqued in these kinds of lists as the authors try to sort through everything that the director was trying to convey; from their own feelings of excitement, happiness, and sometimes even their own sadness. That is the reason why people make these lists, to show other people how they feel about the directors work because the movie the director made represents a little bit of themselves. For example the movie “Pacific Rim” was one that I really enjoyed but my sister did not. This could have been because of something that the director put into or represented in this movie really connected with me, while it did not connect with my sister.

Directors and actors throw everything that they can into movies and never let themselves only give 10% or 50%, they have to give 100% or else the movies will not be any good. This is why actors always seem like they care too much or they seem touchy about the movies that they make. Even if the movies are sub par the actors will never believe that as they have made a terrible move because they put so much into these movies. Sometimes if an actor gives up on their work, and they just let the hate in it is shown in their work. For example look at Nicolas Cage, his movies used to be quite good but of course they only appealed to a certain group of people and others who did not appreciate his work started to “hate” on it and now Nicolas cage does to take any unique roles like he used to do in his youth. Now he is just known as the one who takes random movie roles and it always looks like he is not enjoying what he is doing, and that takes the fun out of movies for the viewer as well.

Directors take the essence of ideas and make it their own, they give themselves enough time to think through all of the ideas and then direct. They allow their feelings to get into their work and it is typically the directors that can either make or break a movie. This has been shown countless times: Avatar by James Cameron was a smashing hit and nearly everyone I’ve ever met has seen this movie. I think that this movie was so compelling to watch because it showed how the director felt about the topic of exploiting an alien world. Another great example of this is the movie Titanic, also by James Cameron, which was again a smashing hit that broke all the box office records of that time. This was another work by James Cameron that became a classic, at least in part of because of his directing work. You can always see James Cameron happy about his work, he has been caught saying that he loves his work many many times.

Movies show people that anything is possible with a little bit of determination as a common theme in movies is overcoming adversity, a list of movies that covers this theme would be a way to long to put in this article. Many people seem attached to the idea that they can’t overcome their own faults and uniqueness’s and this is why they want to see other people or creatures do what they themselves cant. Movies are meant to convey themes and ideas in obscure ways and to show people that they can do anything if they just try. But many people don’t believe this and pretend like they’re useless and can only experience wonders through the movie theater. Though of course these aren’t the only kind of people that go and watch movies. Sometimes people just need a break from their hectic live and just want to escape to an alien world where everything is different, where anything is possible, where anything can be achieved by will. And others are attracted to movies because one of their favorite novels or comic books has been made into a movie. Moves are really not for one type of people, they are for everyone who wants to enjoy themselves by watching an emotionally fueled masterpiece of acting and directing that can be representing any number of a countless themes.

Movies can unite us all and should be appreciated because who knows? Maybe this movie is going to change someone’s life or maybe help him or her through a tough time and how can anyone really be displeased with a movie like that. Our movie tastes are almost as unique as our personalities and it shows as movies of every genre receive critical appraise and are thought of classics and only because people thought the work that the director and actors did was believable an compelling.


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