Photography: A Dying Art?

By Eric F.

Photography is becoming more and more accessible the general public; but as this happens, photography is dying on a professional level. With the introduction of stock photo websites, and smartphones, photography is easier than ever. Everyone seems to know what photography is, and how to do it. So how can it be a dying art? Well, it depends how you define a dying art.

As previously stated, photography is bigger now than ever because everyone can just do it with their iPhone these days. This is actually part of the problem. Stock photo companies have become more popular and need very few photographers to run their businesses, which in the end saves them money. Newspapers and magazines have gone down in quantity and popularity because nowadays, news is just on the TV and the radio. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but for some photographers, it is. The industry is running out of jobs.

Teaching photography is very important these days. Photography is becoming more and more pervasive because almost everybody has access to a smartphone with a camera that has good digital ability and it is important that they should know how to properly use it. Teaching photography, and having people understand how a camera works, how an image is designed and constructed, gives them the fundamental skills of visual literacy. If you know how to make an image, then you will understand much more clearly how to read an image. Teaching the history of photography and the history of art, is very important because you wont have to go through all the trial and error that other did in the past, to develop to the stage we are now at. The reason we learn about anything is to learn the history of it and learn what you can get from it. It’s very important to be taught, not only the right things, but not to do the wrong things.

But the real question still remains: Is photography a dying art? Each individual can misinterpret the answer since there is no clear one. How you perceive photography will affect your opinions on whether it is a dying art or not. Most people believe that no; it is not a dying art and that it is simply a changing art.

Many thoughts and expressions viewed in this article are thanks to:

Alan C. – Teacher

Areeb A.  – Student

Brian R. – Head of the Faculty of Art at the University of Calgary

Chris K. – Medical Photographer


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