5 Things to do This Summer: The Guide to Solving Summer Boredom

By Jennah M.

“This summer, I’m going to hang out with friends, travel, go to camps, work, re-do my room, go to the beach, and have so many sleepovers.” We all start summer with big plans, and a great list of summer activities, but let’s be honest, we often find ourselves sitting at home with absolutely nothing to do. This could be for several reasons. You may not have a ride, the weather isn’t nice, your friends are busy, or my most common excuse: you just don’t want to leave my house. If however, you find yourself bored, at home, and have the sudden urge to do something, here are a few ideas of time-consuming things to fill your day with.

  1. Watch Netflix.

This is a pretty common cure to boredom, but it can be extremely entertaining if you don’t feel like leaving your bed. Netflix has so many options of things to watch. From Spongebob to Ted, Netflix truly has something for everyone. Netflix can entertain for hours on end. If you really don’t want to get out of your room, a typical course of action is binge watching. If you find a new television show that you fall in love with, watch all 7 seasons, I won’t judge, after all, that’s what summer vacation is for.

  1. Go for a walk.

Walks are a good option if you want to get some fresh air, but you have nowhere to go. Going for a walk can be the perfect way to clear your head and enjoy the beautiful weather. If you don’t know where to walk to, just walking, and turning the corner every once in a while can take you to beautiful places. Just keep track of where you turn! You can always invite your friends to join you, or if you have a dog, bring him along! If you want to turn this activity into more of a workout, increasing your pace into a light jog is always an option. Either way, getting some fresh air is an excellent way to clear your mind, and enjoy the beautiful summer sunshine.

  1. Go shopping.

Everyone knows that shopping is a girl’s best friend. If you’ve got some extra money in your bank account, talk to a friend, and meet up with them! A little shopping spree at Chinook is an amazing way to keep in touch with friends, and show your closet some love. Just don’t go overboard! If you don’t have a ride, transit is a fairly reliable option. Your closest mall could just be a few bus-rides away. You could even watch a movie while you’re there to keep you entertained for longer. There are a lot of movies coming out over summer, so you have a lot to choose from. Shopping is a great cure for boredom, and a little retail therapy never hurt anyone!

  1. Cook.

Summer is the perfect time to try out some new recipes! There are so many options to choose from, and if you’re running low on things to try, just Google some new recipes or look at a few on Pinterest! Recipes can range from a new drink to a dessert idea; so cooking can keep you occupied for hours on end, and can easily fill you up when you get hungry. A healthy smoothie can do wonders for you in the summer, and a fresh salad is the perfect lunchtime option, and can be really easy to make.

  1. Relax!

Relaxing is the best part of summer vacation. There’s nothing wrong with spending the whole day in bed! That’s what summer is for! It’s not like you can do it during the school year, so you might as well take full advantage of this while you can. Feel free to have a day to yourself if you need one. A day where all you do is stay in bed, spending your time on your phone, eating, or sleeping. Everyone does it. You deserve it after a tough school year!

Summer is the best time to just kick back, relax, and have fun! Don’t let summer boredom get you down. If you find yourself sitting around with nothing to do, one of these five options is guaranteed to entertain you. Have a great summer!


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