By Ana D

NDP logo

Leading up to the Alberta elections there was a great deal of uncertainty as to who was going to be our province’s leader and whether we would have a minority government. Now, all questions will be answered because the results are in. Our new premier will be Rachel Notley! With 53 seats out of 87, the NDP makes up the majority leaving the position of official opposition to the Wildrose party. The result was thoroughly unexpected, with the Progressive Conservative Party taking only 10, the Liberals 1, the Alberta Party 1, and the Wildrose Party 21 of the seats in the house. The two electoral districts that Westmount Charter School lies in have their new MLAs with Stephanie McLean from the NDP and David Swann from the Liberal party in the Calgary – Varsity and Calgary – Mountain View constituencies respectively. There was much drama surrounding the election, with PC leader Jim Prentice’s resignation after his epic loss and the Calgary – Glenmore riding tied up between the NDP and the PC. Undefeated for over 40 years, the Progressive Conservative Party is not even in the position of official opposition. It is the end of an era, and the start of another, hopefully a prosperous one with good government management.

For information on the leading party’s platform and more click here 


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