Review of Trailer Park Boys

By Paul D

Trailer Park Boys is a TV series that started on Showcase in 2001. Today the Trailer Park Boys are produced mainly to Netflix after Showcase dropped the show, with very little TV networks agreeing to air the show because of disagreements about what is considered “unacceptable language”. But regardless, the foul mouthed delinquents very recently uploaded the 9th season of Trailer Park Boys to Netflix.


The show is shot in a mockumentary style with characters commonly looking at the cameras, talking directly to them and interacting with the film crew. The residents of Sunnyvale Trailer Park in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, are rarely left with a dull moment. The show follows characters Ricky, Julian and Bubbles through their many schemes and visits to prison. And for better, or for worse, they are always under the watchful eye of Jim Lahey, the drunk, greasy trailer park supervisor and ex-husband of Barbara Lahey, the park owner.


Ricky is a charismatic and lovable idiot, who really just wants to get his grade ten education and get back together with his family after going to jail the third time at the start of season one. His wife Lucy decided that he couldn’t raise their daughter Trinity if he was always going to be in and out of jail. So Ricky sets off to get his life back together and make a little bit of money, but unfortunately, the only way he knows how to make money is illegal.


Julian is the brains of the whole operation, he always has a plan to get the boys out of trouble, whether it’s coming from the police or Lahey. He is also always coming up with get rich quick schemes that couldn’t possibly get them sent to jail, but one way or another Mr. Lahey always finds a way to get them in trouble with the law.


Bubbles is just an innocent man that lives in a shed, he really hates breaking the law, but he also feels that he needs to help his friends when their plans are going out of control. He just wants to hang out and have a good time with his friends. Bubbles is by far the most lovable character on the show and you hear other characters say all the time how sweet he is or how loyal he is. He loves animals and takes care of all the cats in the park, saying in one episode that he has anywhere from 120 to 135 kitties, and some that just come by his house for food. Always a giver, he even neglects feeding himself and lives in a shed because he needs money to pay for cat food.


The show is very popular in Canada, especially among teenagers and young adults. It’s ludicrous situations and strange characters are always good for a laugh. And it’s packed full of ridiculous and quotable dialogue, including “I am the liquor.” “This is sasquatch territory boys.” and a fan favorite “It’s the way she goes boys.” Definitely for a more mature audience, some networks have even tried to mediate the amount of cursing in each episode, to which the creators have replied that they will do it their own way or find a different network.


This is the primary problem that most adults have with the show, the language is extraordinarily foul. Even people who think that the show is funny because of it’s situations refuse to watch it because of how far they take it with the language, and during it’s total runtime these disputes over what you really can and can’t say on TV have cost the producers two network contracts.


But regardless of the controversial nature of the show, true fans can’t get enough, or maybe they just want to see how far out of hand things can go in the next season. Despite many people trying to get the show taken off the air and succeeding, twice, the Trailer Park Boys have assured us they will always find a way to get out a new season. Maybe that’s what makes them so funny, there is nothing that can stop them so they can take the risks that the fans love.

In closing I would rate this show a 9/10, however it is not for everyone. If foul language and inappropriate themes might make you uncomfortable then you will not enjoy this show.


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