Man Murdered Computer After “ctrl-alt-delete” Wouldn’t Work

By Rebekah C.

As our computers grow older, the keys respond slower and the pages take longer to load. Pressing the same key over and over again doesn’t help, but what else can we do? We all get frustrated with our computers at some point, but how far is too far?

Thirty-seven year old Lucas Hinch, who owned a herb and tea shop in Colorado was charged for using a handgun in illegal Computer with bullet holesproperty. Weeks before, Hinch had problems with his computer and was getting fed up. On Monday morning, Hinch got so frustrated with his computer after the “ctrl-alt-delete” key wouldn’t work that he shot it in the alleyway eight times. Hinch has no regrets about the damage but his gun will be confiscated. After shooting his computer, Hinch says, “It was glorious. Angels sung on high”.

The computer was a Dell XPS 410 or as Hinch called it, the “blue screen of death”. The 9mm pistol disabled the computer leaving the keyboard and mouse.  Hinch was not aware that it was illegal for discharging weapons and is scheduled for a court hearing on May 11.

The story brought up some controversy on the effectiveness of technology.  “These days, technology has a huge impact in our lives, however we shouldn’t let it influence our major decisions”, says Vicky Ly. So is technology for or against us?


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