Flames Moving On!

By Eric F.

On the night of Saturday April 25, all flames fans were watching Game 6 of the series between the Calgary Flames and Vancouver Canucks. After trailing behind 3-0 to the Vancouver Canucks, the Flames make a goal late in the first period to give the fans some hope. A minute into the second period, Calgary scores again, putting themselves back in the game. A few minutes later they score again to tie it up in the early 2nd! It’s a 3-3 game until Vancouver snipes one to get a notch ahead.

The third period was very exciting for Flame s fans, seeing what played out. With 13 minutes left in the third, not much hope but still a chance for something to happen, the flames execute some very nice passes in order to make Game 6 a tie. A very close game late in the third, was making it look like this one was going to go into overtime, until a bad pass by the Canucks turns into a goal for the Flames. After the Nucks pull their goalie in hope to tie it up, with 30 seconds left, the Flames score an empty netter to end the hopes of the Canucks. To the Canucks dismay, just to solidify the win, the Calgary Flames win the faceoff in their own end and score yet another empty-netter, to make the final score 7-4. Certainly no fans expected this turnout, especially considering how the entire first period played out. After an exhausting and exhilarating Game 6, filled with many twists and turns, Calgary will move on to play the Anaheim Ducks in round two.


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