DIY in a Jar

By Victoria L.

A million jam and jelly jars packed,stacked, and collecting dust in the the cupboard corners. Still, throwing out perfectly good jars seems like such a waste. Here are three easy ways to decorate your home, or a quick gift to a friend with these leftover jars.

1. Spa In a Jar

This is more of a gift, which is cheap and easy. Spa-In-A-JarJust pack a jar with small soaps, cute towels, and other bath accessories. Draw or tape on a label and you have a quick, gimmicky present ready at hand. Of course, doing manicures and pedicures are a unique spin off of the “Spa in a Jar”. You can always customize the contents to fit your friend’s taste.

2. Plants In a Jar

Plants in a jar is a great decorator for your house, and it’s quite easy to do. Terrarium_using_Glass_JarsFirst take your empty jar and fill the bottom quarter with small gravel pieces. Doing so gives the jar a “layered” look. Then add soil until the half point. Add a small clipping of a plant or a bud into the soil and you’re set. You can always add more plants if the jar is large enough, and turning the jar side ways is always an option. Since the plants need to breath, remember to leave the lid off or to punch holes in the lid. If watering is a hassle for you, fake plants are always available. With a fake plant, leaving the lid on is fine, making it easy to transport and gift.

3. Desserts In a Jar

Here is a cute way to package your sweets. Most mason jars are fine in the oven, Blackberry-vanilla-cupcakes1however always check the brand of you jar before baking with it. Pour in the batter and keep the oven at a slightly lower temperature when baking. If you want to add icing in afterwards take the cake out of the jar (mold), cut it in half and after adding the icing put the cake back in the jar. If you’re not comfortable with baking with the jar, or if the brand is incompatible with high temperatures you can bake the cake in a different mold, then carve to put inside your jar. This is a easy way to bring baked goods to wherever you’re going. Adding ribbon or frills will also make this a unique and attractive gift for anyone!

Having jars around can make a charming decoration for the house, or a refreshing one-of-a-kind gift! Glass jars, such as Mason jars are most commonly used in these tutorials, however for a childs craft, plastic jars (such as peanut butter jars) are easier and safer. Being resourceful and creative is the best way to make use of these jars!


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