Calgary Comic Expo Worth it?

By Paul M.

This year marked Calgary’s 10th annual Comic and Entertainment Expo with an outstanding attendance of over 100,000 people. It just goes to show how many ‘nerds’ live in and around Calgary.

This event lasted four days, and hosted stars such as Hayley Atwell from Captain America, and Agent Carter. She participated in an interview/Q&A session in the Corral on the stampede grounds Sunday, April, 19th. Another visitor was Neil Patrick Harris from How I Met Your Mother, plus many more celebrities. People from Calgary came to see all of the merchandise and get signatures or pictures with celebrities.

The merchandise ranged from toys and plushies to art and video games. The costumes included Anime and video game characters. One of the coolest costumes I saw was a Cinco De Mayo costume.

Now, if you are thinking of going to see cool costumes, prepare for the worst. Costumes can be as good as the real thing or a morph suit with some cardboard props, but even the bad costumes are worth a good laugh. It just goes to show how much people love their fandoms.

If you are going for the merchandise prepare to bring some money. The sellers at the Expo know that they can sell their merchandise at an increased price. because people at this convention are willing to pay it. If you look around you may be able to find better prices on the product you are looking for. You might even be able to knock off a few bucks by negotiating.

“They were fun and cool, but the prices were too high. I’m not going to pay twenty bucks for a picture with Lew Temple,” says Wesley Y.

This is very true, celebrities are there, it costs a lot of money just to go and get something signed by them. I did not get to see the celebrities, but Wesley did. If you really love some of the celebrities you can go pay to take a picture with them and get something signed.

One of the coolest things to see is all of the art that are for sale. Most of the posters and prints are available at reasonable prices and are definitely cool. The best thing is, if you like the art an artist puts out, chances are that they have a account or website somewhere. Just remember to keep your eyes open.

A new attraction was open in the Agrium this year totally devoted to gaming. There were Oculus Rift demos, a driving simulator, and even a bar with computers so that you can sit back and enjoy yourself. The big draw there was the MLG (Minor League Gaming as I like to call it), which featured the games Team Fortress© and League of Legends©.

If you want to go to next years Calgary Comic and Entertainment Expo, I would recommend buying tickets as early as you can, as they sell out fast, despite the high prices. It is worth it if you go with a couple of friends to enjoy the day.


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