Binding of Isaac Review

By Chaten J.

imgres-1 2.32.14 PM

Do you want a game that you can never stop playing? Do you want a game from an astute game developer who has won numerous game awards on his previous work? Do you want a game with such a sick sense of humor that you will never be able to put it down? If you match any of the criteria above, “The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth” is for you. “The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth” (BOI) is made in conjunction with the illustrious game designer Edmund McMillen and a very talented team at the game studio Nicalis. When the game was released on November 4, 2014 the BOI community went ecstatic while propelling the game to number one in sales for its first week out, but that was only the beginning. The game has now sold over 2 million copies and is showing no sign of slowing down. I feel that this game plays so well and keeps you so engaged that you just cant stop playing; with hundreds of items and millions of possible item combinations (synergy’s), even after hundreds of hours every game you load, you will be filled with new items and synergies to fall in love with.

The game starts you off as Isaac; a boy who lives on a hill with his mother. Isaac typically keeps to himself, playing with his toys and drawing pictures. Isaac’s life was happy up until his mother starts hearing a voice, which is presumably god, in her head. This voice commands Isaac’s mother to take away anything unholy in Isaac’s life. Isaacs mother quickly disposes of Isaac’s drawings, toys, and even his clothes and locks Isaac in his room. As Isaac quivers in his room he quickly spots a crack in his door and sees his mother walking over to his room with a knife in her hand. Isaac, scared for his life, runs around frantically in his room looking for something he can protect himself with, until he spots a trap door under his rug that seemingly leads to the basement. Isaac has no other choice as his mother is now knocking on his door; he jumps down into the black abyss that is the basement.

The game is a top down dungeon crawler game that feels remarkably like the second Zelda game. Its concept is simple: survive, how you do this however is up to you. Isaac can fire his tears as projectiles that deal a certain amount of damage per hit [to an enemy], you can upgrade Isaacs damage and tears by collecting different items or perks that give you special abilities ranging from a laser the comes out of your forehead that fires alongside your tears to an item that allows Isaac to take off his head and put it somewhere in a room. All these unique abilities are necessary as the enemies become difficult very fast. Monsters range from human popcorns, to children that look just like Isaac who seem to be possessed, to bosses such as a giant living poop, Satan himself, and ultimately even mom. All the strife and hard work that it takes to learn, and master this game is all worth it as you have so much fun just learning to play the game. Once you finally master the game it is so rewarding as you can now advance to even more difficult levels and bosses. Once you have beaten all of the bosses there are still the multiple challenges and even an all-new hard mode which scales the enemies even more giving them special abilities such as exploding when they die and turning into other enemies upon death.

This game is addictive. I myself have eclipsed over a hundred hours in just two months of owning this game. I believe that I wasted no time by doing this as the fun I had while playing this game has been nearly unmatched and I would be more than happy to play this game for another five hundred hours. In all the game shows a unique dungeon crawler game that I would be happy to call the best rouge-like dungeon crawler that I have ever played.


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