6 Tips to Get a Great Looking Lawn

By Cameron B.

Spring has sprung and everyone knows what that means; yard maintenance. Whether you are a student or a parent, that spring yardwork is not going to do itself. Although the work can be tedious, the hard work pays itself off with a beautiful lawn. Here are some tips to get the greenest lawn on the block.


Tip 1: Rake the Dead Thatch off of Your Lawn

This tip is generally overlooked due to the misconception that all the dead thatch (dead grass, leaves, etc.) can be good for growth, but it actually hinders the growth of new grass and can make your lawn look partially dead. A proper thatch rake is also important. A regular metal rake can damage the roots of grass, and a plastic rake will take a long time to remove all the thatch. Thatch rakes are different from normal rakes, and when looking for one, buy a metal thatch rake.

Tip 2: Aerate your Lawn

Aerating your lawn can help roots get oxygen, and support grass growth. Although, timing for aeration is important, if you aerate too early, your plants might not be able to recover, and if you aerate too late it will not have much affect on your lawn’s growth. You can rent aerators, but an easier, and generally cheaper way to do this is by hiring someone.

Tip 3: Fertilize

Fertilizers are great ways to help your grass become long and green. Organic, and chemical fertilizers are available, organic fertilizers are healthier for your lawn, but chemical fertilizers can help your grass grow faster. It is important however to put on the right amount. Too much fertilizer can lead to weed problems, disease and burn your lawn, while too little can make your grass looking dead.

Tip 4: Watering

Watering is an important part of lawn care. Water carries nutrients essential to a healthy, green lawn. If there hasn’t been too much rain, or your grass is near other plants, extra water may be required. But with many things about lawn care, too much water could ‘drown’ the grass, displacing the soil, and making the grass waterlogged and too little could leave the grass dead. If you put an upside down frisbee on your lawn while watering, when you get an inch of water in your frisbee, turn off your sprinkler.

Tip 5: Weed Removing

Weeds are pests that can steal essential nutrients from grass, and make your lawn look bad. There are two main ways to remove weeds: Herbicide and manual removal. Herbicides are the way to get through weed troubles with the least amount of effort. There are two main types of herbicides: Pre emergent, and Post emergent. Pre emergent herbicides are applied to prevent weeds from growing by creating a ‘shield’ from weed seeds looking to germinate, but you cannot aerate your lawn if you decide to use this herbicide. Post emergent herbicides are for after weeds have emerged. If you give the weed a good spray, then they will go away. But this form of herbicide can be quite deadly to your lawn if it gets accidentally sprayed. Lastly, you can buy various weed remover tools and remove the weeds yourself (Or get a pro to do it for you), but there is a chance that weeds might grow inside the hole.

Tip 6: Lawn Mowing

Keeping your lawn trimmed not only adds to curb appeal, but also helps your lawn be healthier. Mowing the lawn every one to two weeks can keep your lawn looking spiffy, and keep it healthy.

While Spring lawn maintenance may be tedious, and a lot of hard work, the time spent working on it will leave you with a summer of your lawn being the envy of the neighborhood.


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