Which One For Me? Tea Or Coffee?

By Victoria L.

We all know that the two most common hot drinks to buy when you’re out is tea or coffee. In a sense, it’s a way to knock away the fatigue and buy a few more hours of the day. Today, coffee and tea have become more of an addiction or habit, and tea is usually seen as the healthier choice- but is it?

Truth be told, both are a healthy choice, since they are both packed with antioxidants. Antioxidants are usually found in plants, and protect our body tissue from harmful cells. However, this does not mean that they can replace fruits and veggies in our diet just because they have antioxidants. Fruits and vegetables have other vital nutrients such as fiber, vitamins, minerals, and a variety of different kinds of antioxidants.

Tea is the second most consumed drink in the world, just falling behind water. It reduces cholesterol, helps blood clotting, and sometimes even helps with cancer. Women are usually more attracted to this drink than men. Most herbal teas are not considered ‘teas’ because they are made out of roots, spices, or flowers and do not contain actual tea leaves, meaning they are missing some of the antioxidants and flavonoids. Green teas have more antioxidants compared to black, although some do not like the bitter taste that most asian teas have. Be careful about adding sugar or buying sweetened tea since most posses an unhealthy amount of sugar or artificial sweetener.982

Coffee is a classic way to start the morning for millions of people. In fact, research shows that coffee may be one of the vital ways we get our antioxidants in America, and tea falls right behind it. Coffee can have a positive effect on cancers, type ll diabetes, and gout. It’s important to understand the intake of caffeine. Compared to tea it almost has twice the amount of caffeine. Keep in mind that caffeine is a drug, that stimulates the brain for a short spurt of energy.

Plain coffee and tea are calorie-free drinks, so be careful on how much sugar, cream, and flavoring, that you use in your drink. Yes, they can be bitter drinks, and it’s ok to add a little honey or sugar, but take caution that you only get the minimum that you need. The sugar and fat content add up faster than you think, taking away from the true flavour of the drink. Adding some syrup and whip-cream can soon turn your healthy drink into a sugar loaded dessert.

It’s hard to tell which is actually “better” scientifically. In other words, it mainly just comes down to personal reference. Maybe try to switch it up on certain days, and find your own favourites.”Tea and Coffee each have their individual traits, but overuse will can develop dependency and farther potential risks.” says Katie Li, a frequent tea and coffee user. It’s true your shouldn’t be turning to these drinks to make up for lack of sleep, and you shouldn’t be totally dependent on them whatsoever. Try having a cup of coffee in the morning and tea in afternoon, since it’s a little weaker it will help you sleep better at night. Drink up everyone!


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