TV Show Review: The Walking Dead

By Chaten J.

The Walking Dead is a zombie survival show that has been running for five seasons. The show started in October of 2010 and has been one of TV’s most watched shows ever since. The show follows Rick Grimes and the members of his group as they struggle to survive the catastrophe that has just occurred. In the show, many characters tend to perish each season to the disgruntlement or delight of fans. This tends to keep the show fresh with all new characters and character development every season. Of course it’s all fun and games until the show’s writers end up killing your favorite character!

The shows cast is well molded for the role of being survivors and I feel that no other actor could have done the job quite as well. A British actor named Andrew Lincoln plays the main character, Rick Grimes. Andrew Lincoln first garnered some success in 2003 with the movie Love Actually he has also won a People’s Choice Award for his portrayal of Rick Grimes. He and his supporting cast have done a magnificent job developing the story and keeping the show interesting at all times.

Over 17.5 million people tuned in for the season five premiere in 2014. The main reason that so many people stay and watch this show is because it creates suspense in such a colorful and creative way. One way that they do that is that they always have little snippets of the episode before the actual title credits and that always hook you on to the show. Another key way they do this is with the very strategically placed advertisements. This may sound very strange as nobody likes advertisements, but it is honestly true. They place the advertisements right as the show starts heating up, this keeps you watching and wanting to know what is going to happen after the advertisements. Though the most effective way that they create suspense in the show is with the music. It is so wonderfully composed and always matched with the themes of what is currently going on in the show. The music composer for the show is named Bear McCreary and in an interview he states, “The music that I make is tough to compose but is so fulfilling to listen to at the end when it’s all finished.” At times, the show also borrows music from other artists that they feel fits in with the episode. For example, the show borrowed a song from Ben Howard called Oats In The Water. This song was used in a scene to represent sorrow and sadness as the characters were struggling to cope with the stresses of their environment. Many different parts come together to make this show suspenseful, and I am glad for all of them, as they have led to the creation of one of TV’s most enjoyable shows.

As great as I say the show is, there are always going to be negatives. For example, in the Walking Dead there are some really bland points. Many episodes are just watching the characters doing everyday stuff, and while I recognize that these scenes are essential to character development they are quite boring. Other problems with the show are that sometimes they leave ideas half-baked and unfinished, an example is that many characters from past seasons have been completely forgotten during the current seasoPerhaps the worst of all the issues is that sometimes you don’t know what is going on. This is because for most of the program they are showing what is happening in the zombie apocalypse world, but sometimes they flashback to where the character came from or their lives before the zombie apocalypse This can be confusing because there isn’t usually any cut or difference between the different scenes.

The Walking Dead continues to be a staple of success and great story telling on TV, It shows that with determination and hard work anyone can make a stupendously great program. Even though The Walking Dead has its faults, it remains as a great show that I would gladly spend my forty minutes watching.



Would recommend to anyone willing to see their favorite characters die.


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