TV Show Review: House of Cards

By Chaten J.

House Of Cards” is an exhilarating original produced by Netflix. “House Of Cards” also happens to be Netflix’s most popular and commercially successful original show. This exciting drama follows Francis J. Underwood on his tyrannical campaign to conquer the political landscape of Washington D.C. Him and his wife are as bad and treacherous as they come and will stop at nothing to reach the top. The show has a beautifully constructed plot that revolves around Underwood’s perpetual struggles. All around him the supporting cast tries to either destroy or help build up Francis Underwood’s political influence. This is all done under Francis’s careful watch as he finds out whom he can trust and who he is willing to put into a position of power to help garner influence, in his everlasting campaign to reach the top of the food chain in Washington.

House Of Cards” is famous for its fast pace and for throwing you right into the action starting from episode one. In the first episode Francis had just been promised the job of being Secretary of State by one Garret Walker, who happens to be running for the presidency of the United States of America (U.S.A), in exchange for Francis’s support, or in other words congress’ support (as Francis was majority Whip for the democratic party), in solidifying his nod for president of the united states. Once Walker was elected as president he goes back on his word, and he forces Francis to stay at his post as the democratic parties Whip. This angers Francis and forces him to instead take a crueler plan of action to reach his goal of being the President of the United States. This is where the show leaves you and you are forced to think of what plan Francis had just come up with to take control of the White House, that is until you click the “watch next episode” button.

Beau Willimon, Michael Dobbs, Sarah Treem, and Andrew Davies created the show or television. They based the idea of the show from a British show of the same name. That followed a parallel Francis Underwood on his rampage to take over British parliament. It is a lot of work to create a TV show but with so many people helping and working hard everyday just to deliver the best experience and show that they can possibly deliver its not hard to see why “House Of Cards” is a staple of many peoples weekly schedule.

The show consists of powerful acting as many of the actors that portray characters in the show have won Emmy’s or other acting awards, including Kevin Spacy, Robin Wright, and Kate Mara. Even the supporting cast has been excellent as they all work in unison to create one of the most enjoyable and pleasurable TV shows that has ever aired.

The show always keeps you on your toes and it never really makes it obvious what is going to happen and this works in the shows favor as it keeps you binging. Even as you binge or watch this show, depends on your self-control, you cant help wanting to watch and experience the next episode.

RATING 92/100

A show that I feel everyone should experience and if you don’t watch The show you really are missing out.


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