By Eric F.

IIn the city of Calgary, many new skate parks are being built throughout the city. From many years of experience as a skater, I personally know that the city really needs this. With the lack of skate parks, there are only a select few in the city that are worthy of a visit to. One worth a mention would be Millennium Skate Park, in the downtown core. It is currently the biggest skate park in Calgary but hopefully that can change soon.

The problem with having only one good skatepark is that downtown can be a pretty far ways away from some people’s homes, which can cause plenty of inconvenience for these individuals, especially if they are not old enough to drive themselves. We need more selection and variety. The new parks that the city is planning to build are located in Chinook Park, Huntington Hills, Southwood, Bowness, Edgemont, New Brighton, Deer Run, and Midnapore. The skateboarding community is only getting benefits from these developments. Hopefully, this will mean that there will now be a decent skate park in nearly every part if the city. I have taken a look at the layout plans for these skate parks and if everything goes as planned, these will be a huge success. I think the city and other contributors have done a very good job considering the layouts of these parks and I am very excited to see how these all turn out.

Concept plans for the skate park in Calgary.

Concept plans for the skate park in Calgary.


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