Skateboarding is not a Crime

By Eric F.

Screen Shot 2015-04-13 at 2.18.16 PMThe physical act of riding a skateboard is not a crime. Defacing property is. There’s a difference. The best way for a community to avoid property damage is to provide some small skate parks here and there. Since skateboarding is not a crime, skaters can go to the park without fear of being arrested. Yeah, it costs tax money, but the costs would be about equal to the cost of constantly repairing damaged property. Kind of a catch-22.

There are reasons behind why skateboarders hit all of the spots they do. For instance, perhaps the skaters are not old enough to drive their own car. The closest skate park is several miles away. Oh wait, there is a nice little set of stairs right there. What do you think they are going to do? It’s pretty obvious that they’re going to hit the set. Why would you skate all that way to get to the park when there’s a perfect alternative right in front of you?
Skaters are independent and self-sufficient, which influences them to make use out of whatever they find during their excursion. When a skater is practicing on a curb or Screen Shot 2015-04-13 at 2.17.16 PMstairwell, stop and admire his or her grace and athleticism. Compliment the trick. If your baby is sleeping or you’re in a meeting and the noise is bothering you, consider explaining this to skaters instead of yelling, “I’m calling the cops!” Then, encourage your city to build a skate park because, as the skaters will tell you, “if your town does not have a skate park, then your town is a skate park.”If the city doesn’t want skaters skating publicly, they should try and make more skate parks throughout the city. The city is planning to fulfill these duties and start park production soon enough – the only problem is that these parks are not yet confirmed in these areas. The point is, skateboarding is not a crime. If you see someone skating a local spot and you don’t want them to, sauce them a bus ticket or a few bucks to get one.


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