Pokémon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire Review

By Paul M.


Some of us have played or heard of the Pokémon© games. They Have gone a long way since their humble beginnings. As a very glitchy game with simple 8-bit graphics. But the latest games, Pokémon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire, are sure to impress you.

As with any other Pokémon game, the story is simply, you leave you mom to go one an adventure to fight all eight Gym’s scattered across the region. You have to fight and conquer an evil team that wants to do something to the world, and then fight the Elite Four and become the champion.

Pokémon ORAS, which stands for Omega Ruby (OR) and Alpha Sapphire (As), have a lot of activities you can do to keep you busy for a long time. If you have been a Pokémon fan for a while, you will be glad to know that you can finally fly around the Hoenn region, only on one Pokémon, but still cool nonetheless. You can also go and catch all the legendaries from previous games, i.e. Pokémon Platinum. The return of secret bases are not something you should look over either, this renewed feature allows you to create a home in a cave, tree, or bush, and customize it the way you want. Contests have also made a return allowing the player to get a cosplay Pikachu. Contests can be very fun when you’re winning, but horrible when you’re loosing.

Both these games have basically the same plot line, with minor differences with the final boss and the enemy team, but these are great games. The story line has a more in-depth lore to it, compared to Pokémon X/Y, and has more things to do. Unlike Pokémon X/Y, Pokemon ORAS has an extra post-game ending that can be done if you wish to do so, this is called the Delta Episode. The Delta Episode was cool for the most part but it was short, But it could have been shorter. The plot is simple but to get to the final boss may feel like forever. There are many things you need to do in order to get to the goal, Which is named Rayquaza. Catching Rayquaza was a breeze, the catch rate was super low so I would only go and stock up for the battle immediately after. The other battle has a Pokémon named Deoxys, Deoxys is very hard to catch and it very high level (80) If you do not come prepared to fight and/or catch it, it might take you out before you know it.

I found Pokémon ORAS to overall been a very good game with very little flaws and I would highly recommend it to anyone thinking about getting the game.


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