Pepsi vs. Pepsi Next: A Showdown

Pepsi vs Pepsi Next (1)

By Cameron B.

If you have been watching TV recently, you might have seen an advertisement for Pepsi NEXT. This soda uses natural sweeteners such as cane sugar, and Stevia extract, while regular Pepsi uses high-fructose corn syrup. The important question is, is there a difference? Which one is better, Pepsi NEXT, or Pepsi?

From reading the can, one can infer that Pepsi NEXT is healthier for you, with 30% less sugar and calories than regular Pepsi, and the sweeteners are more natural than high-fructose corn syrup. Along with the health benefits, Pepsi NEXT also claims to have a “Real Cola Taste”. Is this claim true? Does this new, “healthier” alternative have the same Pepsi taste that you would expect from a regular Pepsi? To find out a team of students were assembled to conduct a blind taste test.

Here are the test results:

Overall 66% of the Testers preferred Pepsi NEXT over regular Pepsi, and all the testers could taste a difference between the two products.

Pepsi NEXT according to the taste testers, has a “more aggressive taste”, along with being sweeter, fizzier, and having a more “natural” taste. While regular Pepsi had a classic cola taste, while being less sweet, and less fizzy than Pepsi NEXT.

The reason behind Pepsi NEXT being sweeter than regular Pepsi is because of the Stevia extract. Stevia extract, which comes from the Stevia plant, is 200-300 times sweeter than sugar, and has zero calories, which makes a great alternative to aspartame which is used in Diet sodas, and high-fructose corn syrup which is used in regular Pepsi.

Coca-Cola’s version of Pepsi NEXT, Coca-Cola Life, has yet to be released in Canada, but Pepsi NEXT is already on shelves in various grocery stores around the country. The only way to find out which version of Pepsi you like better is to try both of them out yourself.

Pepsi, and Pepsi NEXT, are copyrighted products of Pepsico.


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