No More Olive Grove

By Kathryn S.

‘Olive Grove Original Pizza’ was evicted from its location on February 18 because the owner refused to pay the bills. ‘Olive Grove’ was going to be shut down eventually because of new plans for the Stadium Shopping Center, but these rash actions have left hundreds of students having to find other places to buy their lunches. Students attending Westmount Charter School relied on ‘Olive Grove’ for: “cheap, quick and easy delicious lunches,” according to Sara Naqvi, a grade nine student at the school. Everyday for the past four years, between 11:30 and 12:15 in the morning, you could always find a line up of students outside of the building; even on days with minus twenty degree weather, waiting patiently for their pizza. Quite often, by the time it was your turn to order they would have run out of your favorite kind of pizza, but waiting for another pizza to finish baking was never a problem.

Screen Shot 2015-04-15 at 7.21.00 AM            The sign on the door where ‘Olive Grove’ used to be.

“This pizza just doesn’t compare,” states Carling Strayer, who’s new to Westmount this year. “The first time I tried it I fell in love.” She has bought pizza a total of thirty-seven times so far this year.

While there are other places around the school that these students can go to for lunch, they’re only short-term solutions. The Stadium Shopping Centre is scheduled to close entirely sometime in the near future to make room for plans for a hotel and office buildings. ‘Olive Grove’ protested these ideas by not paying rent, which eventually led to them getting evicted from their location.

Nobody’s certain if the popular pizza parlor has plans to start up somewhere new, but for now the students at Westmount Charter School are stuck paying for the consequences of the plans to urbanize the community.

For more information on the designer’s plans for Stadium Shopping Center, please visit:


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