New Room, New You

By Rebekah C.

It’s a new you and you want to redo your room. Your old room just doesn’t fit you anymore.  The bland colours and dusty drapes just don’t cut it anymore.  So you decide that a fresh coat of paint and some new posters would do your room good. But how? Where do you start?

Paint types Before jumping right into the decorating part, be sure to clean your room by vacuuming and sorting through your old stuff. Take down all your old decorations and frames on the walls. You need a fresh start! Find a colour that gives you the feeling you want when people walk into the room. The colour should reflect and represent you as a person. If you don’t want to repaint your room, you can put wallpaper on instead to match the old paint. Picking neutral colours is a good idea because it’s easy to match other colours with and doesn’t let certain objects stand out.

Make a room plan to gauge where your furniture will be and how much space you have. Photos and artwork are a good idea to fill up the empty space and make the walls seem more welcoming and friendly. Attaching light stands or lamps to the walls are good ideas for saving space on night tables or dressers. One of the common problems people have is matching the carpet to the rest of the room without paying a lot of money to get it done. A cheaper and easier option could be using rugs to balance out the color of the walls. Remember, the theme and colour you choose must stay consistent throughout your room.

After decorating your room, you need to make your room more comfortable to live in. When choosing bed sheets and covers, make sure they match the rest of your room so it doesn’t stick out. A chair and desk is always good to have in your room for privacy and a nice, quiet working area.

Redecorating your room is a good start to a new you. Your new room will be comfortable and make you feel like it reflects your personality.  Not only will it be nice to look at, it’ll also make you want to be in your room.


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