Kerbal Space Program

ybh7LBy Olek P.

Do you find space exploration fascinating? Do you enjoy creating vehicles and other modes of transportation? Are you a fan of making things and blowing them up? Well then, Kerbal Space Program is the game for you.

Kerbal Space Program (commonly abbreviated as KSP) is a spaceflight simulator in which the player runs the space program of an alien race known as Kerbals. Kerbals are a short, green humanoid species who are slightly foolish and accident-prone, but still very curious and adventurous. Kerbal astronauts, also known as Kerbonauts, are ranked in-game according to their bravery and stupidity. The latter is merely for comedic relief, however. The stupidity of a Kerbal will not affect how well your vehicle is controlled

The current version of Kerbal Space Program, beta 0.90, has three game modes. Sandbox mode allows the player to create rockets or aircraft and do whatever they wish with them, with all parts available for use. Science mode, on the other hand, is started with very few parts, enough to make a simple rocket. The player can attach an assortment of modules onto their rocket in order to gain science points and unlock more parts to go further into space. Eventually, they will be able to travel to other celestial bodies in the solar system. Career mode includes the same gameplay as science mode, though there are a number of other features that make the game more challenging. Most notably, the addition of funds, contracts, and reputation, which force the player to play a bit more seriously, so to speak.

The starting point for every player in the game is at the Kerbal Space Center (abbreviated as KSC), on the planet Kerbin, homeworld of the Kerbal species. As the game progresses, depending on whichever gamemode is being used, the player will get more science points for experiments conducted in newer locations. For example, an experiment conducted on the launch pad will earn fewer science points rather than those carried out in orbit, on the surface of a moon, on an entirely different planet, and so on. Kerbal Space Program can be purchased on the official website ( or on Steam for $30 CAD.


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