Is B.C. Going too Far?

By Paul M.


Canadian people should know that, in British Columbia, the population of the famous woodland caribou is quickly dying out. . The B.C. government has decided the only course of action is to take sharpshooters up in helicopters and shoot as many wolves as possible or to poison the wolves. The two regions in which they are planning to take action against the wolves are the South Peace region in Northern B.C., and the South Selkirk region.

“This is not a good method because nature restores itself in a cycle” -Cameron B

The only argument against this is that humans have been pressuring the woodland caribou to the point where nature might not be able restore itself. The wolves are not the only factor in low caribou population. Humans, of course, have been destroying the habitat of the caribou. Caribou live above the tree line, up with mountain goats and such. This is a very remote place and previously difficult to get to. We have made it easier for wolves to get to the places that caribou live. Ski and snowmobile trails have made it easy for wolves to climb through a whole forest quicker than before.

How effective will it be to kill up to 200 wolves in the first year of this five year project. With under an estimated 1000 caribou left in the two regions. Paul Paquet, a biology professor, says that even with killing the wolves, the habitat loss will still cause the demise the caribou.

People can try to stop the government, and maybe they can say, “ we told you so”, later when killing the wolves does not work. But maybe it will work, we won’t know till the five year program is over.


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