How to Survive the Ninth Grade

By Sara N.


In a dark hallway lined with lockers, hordes of nervous freshmen make their way to their new classes. Starting at a new school filled with unknown teachers and strange schedules can be a daunting task. Luckily, surviving the ninth grade can be broken down into a few easy steps. By maintaining an organized, balanced schedule, the ninth grade can turn into one of the best years of your life!

The first, and possibly most important way to survive the ninth grade is to stay organized. Though this may seem like a basic idea, procrastination can be incredibly difficult to overcome. Keeping an agenda is an affective way of making sure that all assignments are submitted on time. By writing down all important due dates, the possibility of forgetting about a project or a test is greatly minimized. “Stay on top of your homework so that you don’t have those last minute heart attacks when you realize you’ve forgotten something,” says grade nine student, Kathryn Strayer. Staying on top of homework can be extremely important when extracurricular activities come into play. Cramming for a test at the last minute can become very difficult with four hours of dance to attend to, which is something Kathryn knows well. “I dance for four hours every night so I have to stay on top of things,” she says. It’s because of her jam-packed schedule that Kathryn has learned to manage her time, a very important skill when it comes to high school.

As well as having good study skills at home, there are certain tips and tricks that can be useful when in high school. Taking notes becomes very necessary in order to prepare for final exams. Notes should be taken in sufficient detail during important lectures or discussions. Having a notebook for a specific subject makes it a lot easier to study for exams, as you can simply flip through and find what you need in an organized fashion. Joining clubs or teams is another great way to make life easier in high school. By taking part in something outside of regular classes, it becomes easier to make more friends and have diversified experiences. Of course, the entire high school experience is greatly dependant upon how well you take care of yourself. Making sure to get enough sleep is always a necessity, and being tired can really have a negative impact on school life. Eating well also goes hand-in-hand with staying healthy, and making sure to pack healthy lunches is very important in order to keep you sustained throughout the day.

In addition to dedicating time towards homework and extracurricular activities, a crucial step towards surviving the ninth grade is setting aside enough time for personal relaxation. It’s important to have some form of stress-relief so that school doesn’t become overwhelming. This can be anything from reading to exercising. Relaxation is greatly dependant upon personal preference. Jennah Motani, a grade nine student says, “I personally like watching Netflix because it takes my mind off things that are stressing me out.” Socialization can also be a great way of unwinding for some people, as family and friends can take off some of the pressure that comes with school. Whatever your preferred form of relaxation may be, make sure that you have enough of it. While excessive amounts of entertainment may be unhealthy, it is definitely needed in moderation in order to maintain a balanced lifestyle.

All in all, though high school may seem very scary, there are some simple tips and tricks that can make it a lot easier. Staying organized can help to combat procrastination. Taking notes, joining clubs and staying healthy can all contribute towards a more enjoyable time during school. Finding some form of relaxation helps to balance out life at school. Overall, knowing how to manage school life can make your freshman year a lot easier!


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