How to Achieve Your Goals

By Felicia M.

We’re reaching that time of year, four months in, when people are starting to drop their New Years Resolutions in favour of their old, simple lifestyle. In this article, you will find a few tips to help you stay confident and as consistent as possible with your goals. Good luck!!

  1. Make a specific goal:   Whether this be an academic goal, a fitness goal, a social/emotional goal, or absolutely anything that you want to achieve, you need to have a set idea in mind for what you want. Saying “I want to be fitter,” is a good start, but how are you going to achieve that? When do you want to have achieved your goal? Something more like “I want to be fitter by the time basketball season starts next year,” is better. Another possibility could be “I want to have above 90% in Science this year.” These give you a better time frame, and a concrete ending point so that you know when you’ll have completed your goal.           Tip: Say “I want to” not “I will”. You most likely won’t get your goal right from the get-go, and being set on “I will” can be discouraging if you miss it at any point in time.
  2. Set a final point that you want to reach:      How much do you want to be exercising a week? “I want to be fitter by the time basketball season starts next year. By then, I will be doing two 30-minute cardio exercises per week and three strength exercises per week.” By saying this, you will help set a schedule so that you know exactly what you have to do and when you can do it. If your goal doesn’t involve scheduling, you set a system for yourself like, “I want to have fewer late assignments. I will get all my assignments done for the day before they are due. For assignments due the next day, I will get them done the first chance I have.”                                                                                                                 Tip: For this, you can aim a bit higher than is realistic, because you’ll still be doing a lot better even if you don’t reach that point in the beginning. Just make sure that you won’t discourage yourself if you don’t do exactly what you want on your first try.
  3. Have someone get on your case:          I’ll admit, this one can be a bit annoying, but you’ll be thanking me (and your friend) later. Find a friend, sibling, parent, teacher, whoever, to make sure that you’re working on your goal. Who you pick should depend on whether or not your goal is better achieved at home, like exercising, or if it’s more academic, such as getting homework in on time. In the case of the former, a sibling or parent is a better choice, for the latter, a friend or teacher. Just make sure that they’re going to support you and not be mean if you forget something. This person could also be someone who is trying to achieve the same goal as you, so you help each other out.                 Tip: There may be times when you are frustrated with how your goal is going, but try not to take it out on whoever you get to help you, they really are just trying to help.
  4. Be nice to yourself:            I cannot stress this one enough. You are not perfect, you are trying to be better. Improvement is all that matters. You won’t get this on your first try, you probably won’t get it on your second, and you may not even get it on your third, but you are doing better than you were before. You are improving, and that’s what matters. Believe in yourself, because you can reach your goals.


I hope these tips help you keep pressing those New Years Resolutions. A desire to improve something is already a really good step towards improvement, now it’s just the goal part that’s hard. Again, good luck!


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