Fast Food or Fat Food?

By Rebekah C.

The greasy aroma of fried onion rings and chicken fingers fills the air. Long lines of people waiting to get their food, rushing to get to work. Kids, teenagers, mothers, eat here everyday, not knowing what they are putting into their bodies.Fast Food

Fast food. We often find ourselves going to fast food restaurants because it’s more convenient and cheaper. We all know that fast food isn’t the healthiest choice but what’s actually in our food? Let’s look at something from Quiznos, the Large Tuna Melt. The sandwich is made of tomato, lettuce, cheese, and tuna. This sounds healthy, but the whole sandwich has 1,520 calories, that’s more than a plate of fish and chips. If you look closer, the lettuce is drenched in salad dressing, the cheese is processed, and the tuna is loaded with fat.

There are healthy options at fast food restaurants with a few customizations from yourself. Mcdonald’s sells a Premium Grilled Chicken Sandwich that could be healthy with a few specialized requests. The sandwich could be healthier by putting in extra lettuce and tomatoes. The mayonnaise is one of the fattiest parts of the sandwich and can easily be removed.


One of the healthy choices is Subway. Subway lets you choose different types of bread such as the nine grain wheat bread. You can customize your own sandwich, adding turkey, avocados, and fresh veggies. A sandwich like this can be 360 calories, 4 times less than the Large Tuna Melt.


Even KFC can be made healthy without having to order a salad. The chicken’s fat can be reduced by taking off the skin and just eating the chicken. The mashed potatoes are only 90 calories with the gravy on the side. Eating hamburgers are okay if it’s not a regular habit for you. Ordering a hamburger doesn’t mean coke and fries have to come with it.

Fast food doesn’t have to be fat food.


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