Family Mardi Gras

By Paul D.

What comes to your mind when you think of Mardi Gras? It could be people drinking irresponsible amounts of liquor for days at a time and destroying the town, it could be people in skimpy costumes, but how many of you think of a huge family party with young children? Probably not many of you. The tradition of Mardi Gras is a Catholic tradition, the purpose of which is to get out all your sin and depravity before the season of lent. Today people do this by drinking, drugging and partying it all out. So taking all of this into account why is Westmount preparing to hold a family Mardi Gras party for K-12 students and their parents? If Westmount wants to have a fun social event for the students then that’s fine, but is Mardi Gras really an appropriate choice for a theme?

I spoke to several students here at Westmount charter about the family Mardi Gras party, and rather unfortunately, the majority of reactions were not positive. Most of the students I spoke to had never even heard of Mardi Gras before, let alone considered whether or not it should be a fun kids party. However once I explained the classic traditions of Mardi Gras to them they immediately saw a problem. After my quick explanation “Why would they do this?” was the reaction I received from one ninth grade student.


But not everyone is altogether opposed to family Mardi Gras, Some students I spoke to said they had every intention of going. I also spoke to Mr. Byron, and when I asked him what he thought about the appropriateness of the theme, He said “I don’t think it’s inappropriate just because of how they do it in other countries, it can easily be changed to be appropriate.” He makes a good point, just because mardi gras is an inappropriate party elsewhere doesn’t mean Westmount can’t have a good time with it, and to be fair Mardi Gras is probably just used as an excuse to party, most of the participants probably don’t care about catholic traditions.


But even before I told them all about Mardi Gras most of the students I interviewed told me they had no intention of going, the primary reason for this being that they were either too busy, or had better things to do. It seemed that people just didn’t care about school parties in general, regardless of the theme. But this is to be expected, Westmount students really are extraordinary, and they are capable of maintaining a lot of extra curricular activities, clubs and sports all while excelling in an enriched program. With all that on your plate can you really be expected to take time away from your day to go to a family party at your school?

So at the end of the day family Mardi Gras party doesn’t affect much, I doubt that any parents will be too offended and hopefully some kids can have fun. I’m sure we’ve all seen worse things during our time at Westmount Charter.


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