Grappling Sheep – Now on the App Store


Ben P.

What do you get when you combine a simple objective, compelling designs, an original game premise, and scientific accuracy? Ferritbit’s Grappling Sheep. Available on the app store, Grappling Sheep features the player controlling one of many sheep, using a series of grappling hooks to “fly” through the sky, effectively evading the wolves below. It sounds great, but really, how good is it?

Grappling sheep’s game design and coding was done entirely by ninth grade Westmount student Brendan, while the game art was done by eighth grader Megan.

Usually, tap scroller games aren’t very original, as there have been so many games in the category, but in general Grappling Sheep. The character and background design is obviously completely new, and the grappling mechanic is far from overused.

As far as gameplay experience goes, Grappling Sheep leaves players with the positive yet infuriation experience that accompanies any addictive game, similar to the effect of “Flappy Bird”.

One feature in Grappling Sheep not found in competitor’s games is the ability to change character. There are currently seven playable sheep, and each one has a special ability or power. For example, Spider Sheep has the ability to shoot webs to stick to the background, as opposed to the others who need to use their grappling hooks to attach to floating blocks randomly scattered across the map.

Grappling Sheep also has three different levels of difficulty, each moving faster than the last. This gives the player the option of going for a high score (easy) or flying around like crazy (hard). The game also has an entertaining soundtrack, which is much better than mere sound effects in a typical tap scroller. Grappling Sheep also has an active leader board, making your victorious games so much better, because all your friends can see your ranking.

All in all, Grappling Sheep is an entertaining, fun game that shouldn’t be missed out on.


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