Weird Things, So Many Weird Things…

Nicholas G.

Let’s face it–our world houses so many ridiculously weird and, sometimes interesting things, from plants, to animals, to sporting events (if you could call them that).  No sense in keeping the fact that people all have a soft spot for them hidden away in our heads, either!  We as those people love to look at things that are weird or strange, liking the fact that something is just so very dissimilar than what we perceive to be “normal.”  Maybe these “weird” things are normal, and what we see as normal is weird?  Not to dive into philosophy too much, but since there are so many of these weird things on the earth, knowledge of them could make a person’s day a little more interesting.  So sit back, relax, and prepare to say: “What.”

Sports are one of the most popular pastimes on our planet, in fact, they probably are the most popular of which.  We all know and love sports like hockey, baseball, and soccer, but there are lots of sports in the world that most people wouldn’t even know of, or consider to be a sport at all!  Housed in Ottery St Mary, one such sport involves a lot more danger than one would expect to see in any sport we partake in.  Not believing that?  Would you believe it if you knew that the sport was carrying barrels of tar lit on fire down roads?  That’s right, this is a real event held every year on the fifth of November in Ottery, and boy do the people there treat it like a big one!  If the entire webpage dedicated to the barrel-hefting event wasn’t proof enough of this, the site also depicts the history and the value placed upon the sport by the participants. There has even been record farther back in years with people rolling these barrels, as well going a huge ways back to alert people of danger and fumigating homes around 1605 during what may have been its first official roots.  The whole event is even sponsored by a legitimate company above others; the Otter Brewery, who have even created the “Flaming Ale”, an aptly named beer on the tar barrel fest’s behalf!  From the merchandise being sold to the bonfire held in the tar barrel fest’s honor, this statement says it all:  “Not just a tradition, more a way of life.”

Animals come in so many shapes and sizes that some which may seem weird to some people may just look cool or interesting to others.  One animal that breaks the barrier of this relationship though, is commonly known as the zedonk.  Yes, you heard right, this part-zebra part-donkey animal is real, and will seem weird in some way no matter who looks at it!Z  Zedonks are known to be reclusive, and zoos are one of the only places to find them.  The only other one-in-a-million places you can find them are in co-populated spots housing zebras and donkeys alike.  So, surprisingly, these animals can be given birth to in the wild, although people have been known to create Zedonks by using the tactic of breeding selectively.  So while these zedonks may be weirdly designed in physical appearance, you can’t take a look at one and say that you don’t want one of your own, just think of what your friends will say!

Who hasn’t thought about the idea of immortality before?  NBeing able to live forever, the whole concept of immortality is just so appealing to us, and for good reason, who wants to die?  While people still haven’t managed to find a way to accomplish this yet, a type of fern may have gotten a lot farther than we have.  No, the “resurrection fern” as it is called, does not really rise from the dead, but it gets pretty darn close!  The fern, found in areas like New York and Texas in the Southeast, can survive with miniscule amounts of water, about three percent, to be exact!  If water comes into contact with the fern when it doesn’t have much water in it, the plant will revert to much healthier appearance, as it will become very dead-looking without water in a larger supply.  That dead-like state will probably fool a lot of people at first glance too, you may need to just carry around some water every now and again to make sure!  People even decided to try doing this to the fern on the Discovery, a ship bound for the gravity-empty expanse of space in 1977!  In apology to any letdowns caused by reading this, no, plants have not mastered the art of becoming immortal before humans have, but one of us will have to eventually!  Come on, we don’t want to be outdone by plants either, now do we?

Last but in no way the least, people all around the world must have had some sort of experience with a weird toy.  From monkeys eerily banging cymbals to toys that should be put in a phallic imagery category, there are tons of toys like these and many more that have the capacity to weird people out.  So many, in fact, that choosing just one would be an amazingly difficult task, so difficult in fact that one has not been chosen, but rather many have been, a whole website full to be exact!  Welcome to the world of Weirdo Toys, where you may not ever be able to get a good night’s rest again.  If, “The Home For Odd, Ugly, And Neglected Toys” on the front page didn’t tip you off, just checking out the site for a few minutes will herald all the evidence you need to know that this site doesn’t mess around when it comes to weird toys of all shapes and sizes.  Auctions for toys, blogs, wallpapers, they even have their own instagram page and videos!  Don’t just read about the site, check it out yourself at!  It just goes to show that there are people who love this kind of thing, and if you are one of them, head on down to the place where weirdness is king (don’t get cold feet)!

From tar barrels to creepy/weird toys, there is almost no place you can go where you won’t find weirdness in some form, and why not?  The world is full of weirdness, so why not just embrace it and take some time to check it out every now and again, there’ll be no judgement passed here!  Hopefully this has made your morning, afternoon, or evening that much more interesting, and daresay, that much more weird!


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