Top 5 Yonex Rackets

By: Sunint B.

Yonex is one of the biggest racket sports brand in the world. They are the biggest badminton brand in the world. They make some of the best badminton rackets in the world. In this article I will outline the top five, in my opinion.

Number 5:

The Arcsaber Z-Slash is a good racket that provides power, yet is also flexible, something uncommon amongst head heavy rackets. However, the small head makes it easy to hit off center, especially for beginners, and the grommets are known to dig into the racket, that may damage the frame over time.

Arcsaber Z-Slash

Arcsaber Z-Slash

Number 4:

The Nanoray 900 is a new racket, with a stiff shaft, yet light frame, allowing for a strong frontcourt and easily generated power, but only if you have correct technique. It’s primarily for a doubles player.

Nanoray 900

Nanoray 900

Number 3:

The Nanoray Z-Speed is a racket that is good for an offensive doubles player, or a player who wants to be offensive but doesn’t have the power. It’s fast, which makes it good for the front of the court, and provides easy power for those who don’t have the technique to generate it.

Nanoray Z-Speed

Nanoray Z-Speed

Number 2:

At second place, comes the Arcsaber 11. This racket is a balanced racket, providing strong offensive and defensive play. After testing out friend’s Arcsaber 11, I found this racket to be good for a player that is a bit more defensive and like to play shots to the corners, but it doesn’t provide the power for strong smashes. If you aren’t an offensive player, I would most likely recommend this racket for a defensive singles player.

Arcsaber 11

Arcsaber 11

And finally, number 1:

At the top of the ladder is the new Voltric Z-Force 2. I personally own this racket, and I am definitely impressed by its performance. It provides astounding power, making it primarily a singles racket, however the lighter version is also optimal for doubles. Even though it’s a head heavy racket, it’s a fast racket on the court, allowing for a strong frontcourt gameplay. This racket is best for the offensive player, which is why I chose to purchase this racket.

Voltric Z-Force 2

Voltric Z-Force 2


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