Top 5 #Respect Moments

Aaron W.

The game of sport, a competitive challenge for all people out there. But in the end, no matter how many people there are watching, how many goals your scored, how famous you’ll become, we must all be aware of the world around us. Today I give you, my top 5 respected moments in sport history.


Kobe and LeBron: Mutual Respect

In basketball the saying is that “The biggest respect you can give to your opponent is to give them 100% of what you’ve got.” Kobe and LeBron’s rivalry stems back to the beginning of their careers, and it’s arguable on both sides on who is the better player. But in the end, when it’s important, these two men put away their quarrels for each other and fight for the glory of the U.S.A..


Respect – Mariano Rivera’s Last Game

Mariano Rivera is a Yankee’s pitcher, and at the age of 45 retired professional baseball. At his last game in Yankee stadium, the team give him a little surprise halfway through the 9th inning. A great sight to see.


Football is Nothing Without #RESPECT

Football (Or Soccer) is one of the biggest sports with respectful moments. There are so many of these videos online everywhere, but this one is definitely my favorite. Enjoy the laughter, the tears, the moments, and always remember that football is nothing with respect.


Respect – Most Emotional Moments In Sport

This one just misses the top spot because it isn’t as emotional and inspiring as the other one, but what’s exceptional about this one is the variety of sport that is in here. Makes you remember that no matter who’s on the battlefield, we are all human, we are all one, we are all together.


Powerful Inspirational True Story… Don’t Give Up!

Barcelona ’92 Summer Olympics. 400 m final for Derek Redmond, the favored runner of the race. Halfway through race he gets a cramp in his leg and is forced to stop, at this point the crowd is silent. He stands up and limps the rest of the way, all eyes on him. Somebody comes to his side, his father. “You don’t have to do this son.” “Yes Dad, I do.” Enough said.


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