The interview

By Maria O

Unless you have been completely ignoring any news about North Korea, I’m going to assume you all know about Kim Jong-Un and his harsh dictatorship. You may have also heard how dedicated his people are to him.They are not tolerant to any ridicule directed at their leader. Now this hasn’t been much of an issue, to North Americans at least, because he mostly keeps to his own country and leaves North America alone. That may change, however, thanks to Sony Pictures.

The trouble started on November the twenty-eighth, when computers at Sony picture headquarters all started glitching and froze on a picture of a grinning skull with the message ‘We have already warned you. This is just the beginning.” The attack froze all company devices and emails for several days. A group called the ‘Guardians of Peace’ have taken the credit for these attacks. Within the week of the attack, rumors had begun to circulate about the mass hacking being related to the forthcoming release of The Interview, starring Seth Rogen and James Franco. About a week after the attacks, Sony discovered that several of their movies had been leaked online, most of which had not been set to be released until december. The leaked movies were Fury, Annie, Still Alice, To Write Love on Her Arms, and Mr Turner.

Then, in early December, the real trouble started. It started with email leaks about Sony employees, criticizing stars that had worked with the company. The email leaks were shortly followed by pictures of past actors’ visas and passports being posted online.Threats were starting to be sent to employees, stating that they must condemn the company or their families would be targeted. North Korea was not one to be quiet about this issue. On December the fourteenth, they released an official statement about the attacks. Even though they denied any connections with the hackers, they praised them for the hackers “noble work.” A little while after this statement, the hackers started demanding that Sony immediately stop ‘showing the movie of terrorism which can break regional peace and cause the war’.  The hackers then started releasing a large quantity of private emails from the CEO of Sony, including emails criticizing the president and Angelina Jolie. That brings us up to this week, when Sony announced that they were going through with the premiere of The Interview despite threats. Several theaters, however, have started canceling showings of the movie due to fear of being attacked.
It’s amazing that a slapstick comedy could make hackers mad enough to harness their skills in an attempt to stop the project. The movie itself is offensive, but nothing to start a fuss about. It’s about two tabloid show writers who, after finding out that Kim Jong-Un is a big fan of their show, travel to North Korea to interview him and hopefully make a name for themselves. On the way there they are contacted by the C.I.A and assigned an impossible mission, to assassinate the dictator. The film concludes with the two journalists launching a missile at Kim Jong-Un’s helicopter and killing him. Typical western humor, but, as I had said before, the loyal people of North Korea take this sort of thing seriously. Their sense of humor is that of an overworked TSA agent at an airport, basically nonexistent. One can only hope that they decide not to follow through on their threats of attacking moviegoers. Just to be safe though, you should probably avoid The Interview just in case.


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