Technology in our Lives

By Gabriel S.

The common note to put to your phone away during class and the little reminder not to text and drive. It should come as no surprise that our society is distracted by the technology that is given to us. Everyday, each person is attached to a screen for as long as they can. An average person will check their phones 110 times a day. It is no doubt that technology is part of each and every one of our lives.


Why do people love using technology? We use it because we like to feel connected. Checking Facebook, e-mails, twitter and other social medias many times a day to see what friends are up to. The immediacy of the Internet makes us feel the sense of “missing out.” Needing to know everything is human nature. Technology provides individuals to seek information. One click is all people need to find the answers they are eager to obtain. Applying the right keywords will provide accurate and precise answers. The Internet does not only provide with what we want but what our entertainment. The World Wide Web contains millions of games and videos that give humans the emotional experiences of thrilling and excitement. This feeling will draw people craving for more. It has become their main source of excitement.

Relationships are what majority of society is. Establishing friendships is important and social media has made it very effortless. Friends give individuals someone to talk to. Friends impact each person. It gives you a sense of belonging, help cope with personal disasters like loss of a loved one and even reduces stress. It feels good to be socially connected to others. The Internet provides communication between friends. The Internet can provide friends that you have never met that can be on the other side of the world. However, society is taking the ability to communicate with friends for granted. People have been substituting the Internet for real-world social relationships. Family, neighbours and friends are there for a reason.

With all this technology, are we being distracted with it? The Internet has the ability to provide happiness and friends. Satisfaction is given on a screen. People become addicted to their happiness. They cannot remove the happiness when driving, learning etc.. It is become a hazard.


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